ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 10, 2016 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — RMA, Redevelopment Management Associates (www.rma.us.com), recently announced the opening of their newest office in Winter Springs. The company’s success in reinventing numerous South Florida cities, with over $1 billion in private sector investment within client areas, captured the attention of several Central Florida city officials, leading to a dramatic increase in their mid-state client base.

Lynn Dehlinger
To better accommodate this growing market, they have opened a new office managed by Lynn Dehlinger, RMA’s Senior Economic Development Manager.

“Having moved to this area over ten years ago, I know firsthand the challenges and possibilities of the cities here, and I am excited to be part of a team that will be inspiring the communities, in my backyard, to reach their full potential,” stated Dehlinger.

RMA is currently active in Sarasota, Seminole, Orange, Brevard, Volusia, Hillsborough, Alachua and Lake Counties and the mid and Central Florida clients include Alachua, Mount Dora, Tavares, Titusville, Palm Bay and North Port.

Each of these cities have a different character, identity and sources of community pride. RMA’s team approach taps into all of these unique qualities and builds upon that foundation to establish a strong economic development plan.

“Currently RMA is capitalizing on the privatization of the commercial space industry as a key catalyst for Titusville’s economic redevelopment,” said Dehlinger. “For Alachua and the Grandview Business District in Mount Dora, our team has created step-by-step strategies to develop connected downtowns. And for Palm Bay, we recently completed a total market assessment with a list of initiatives to attract new businesses to the area.”

RMA’s full service team encompasses a wide variety of skill sets that, when combined, produce results unmatched by a single purpose firm. Comprised of architects, urban designers, planners, economic developers, financial analysts, real estate experts and marketing professionals, RMA is capable of assisting clients on multiple levels to create successful cities.

“Beyond just successful cities, we create distinctive cities; our holistic approach with each client allows us to harness the forces that drive each city, while tapping into the community’s desire for expansive quality of life options,” said Dehlinger.

About RMA:
Founded in 2009 by Kim Briesemeister and Chris Brown, Redevelopment Management Associates (RMA) is comprised of a phenomenal team of redevelopment experts passionate about building better communities. RMA is the most experienced full service consulting and management firm in the state of Florida specializing in revitalizing core areas and corridors for cities, counties, and special districts nationwide.

More information: http://www.rma.us.com/.

News Source: RMA (Redevelopment Management Associates)