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If you are a legitimate member of the media, journalist, blogger, or editorial assistant, you may request that we forward your contact information for any news release in our news archive when no media contact is specified in the release text.

Simply fill out the form below and identify which company/person you are trying to reach, and please indicate your media outlet or blog name. We will forward your query to the appropriate person. You may also include link to the specific press release in the message box to better identify which story you are inquiring about.

Again, this is intended only for members of the working media. This form cannot be used for sales pitches, customer support, or other reasons. Non media queries should be made via the website for the specific news source (company/org/person) who issued the press release.

We do not represent the company or person who issued any announcement via our wire service. We will forward your query to the appropriate person, but it’s entirely up to them to respond. It may be quicker to visit their website contact page if need is urgent.

To protect everybody from spam, this form does NOT send you an auto-reply. It will confirm we got your query once you submit the form. See our privacy policy from link below.

Request Media Contact for a News Source who has issued a press release with Send2Press® Newswire within the past 12 months:

IMPORTANT: this form is intended only for requesting information from the media contact for a company/organization listed as "news source" in a press release as issued by Send2Press within the past 12 months. All other questions, queries, comments, complaints or other outreach must be done via the website or social site(s) of the news source you wish to communicate with. We will forward your query to the appropriate person; we will NOT send you back their contact information.

QUESTIONS ABOUT NEWS SYNDICATION: additionally, this form may also be used to query us about our free news syndication platform if you are a publisher, webmaster and/or site developer.

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