GLOBE, Ariz., Nov. 17, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Retired adult film actress Sunset Thomas – once called “The Princess of Porn” – has renounced her career in prostitution. Thomas recently announced her departure from the industry during a recent, exclusive, interview with veteran Texas news reporter Ben Tinsley. That interview spanned various areas of Arizona.

Thomas explained to Tinsley how many of the men in her life poached off her decades of earnings, first in the porn industry and later in brothels that capitalized off her high profile adult industry name. She said despite the fact she spent over two decades in the profession – her name and face known throughout the world – she has little to show in the way of savings.

“I’m finally out,” Thomas said. “I was tired of the stress and people forcing me to do things I don’t want to do. I’m tired of people trying to pressure me to keep doing it when I don’t have to do it. I want to live a normal life like everyone else.”

Thomas – who prefers to be called by her real name, Diane – said her fiance, Dr. Robert Martin of Arkansas, has worked with her extensively to help her transition to a normal life. Dr. Martin supports Thomas financially. He said she has a very small amount saved up in an account. Dr. Martin said he struggled to emancipate Thomas from having to work in a brothel. It was something she no longer wanted to do – but out of financial necessity had no choice but to do.

“The conditions at the brothel where she was working were prison-like with two week, 24/7 lockdowns,” Dr. Martin said. “It was an existence for her that became more and more unbearable, mentally and physically. She wanted to leave, but the money she was making for them was an incentive for them to keep her in it.”

The two originally met when Martin was trying to help another legal courtesan escape the sex industry a few years ago, although that woman eventually returned to prostitution.

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