BOULDER, Colo., Nov. 3, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — TeamSnap, used by nearly 7 million people around the world to coordinate their sports and other ongoing activities, is introducing a reinvigorated TeamSnap app for iOS 8.

Designed with iOS 8 in mind, the new TeamSnap app is more interactive and features a modern and inviting design. The iOS 8 update opens up new possibilities for TeamSnap, including:

* Overview and Schedule transformation: Sleek and clean, the new Overview and Schedule pages makes it easier than before to see all the details you need to know about your upcoming game or activity – maps, availability, refreshments and more, all in one place.

* Availability widget: Enables customer to set their availability for games and all activities with a few taps. The Availability widget, now part of the Schedule detail page, is lightning fast and easy to use.

* Early access to TeamSnap Live!: Early beta access for customers who have signed up for TeamSnap Live! Beta. TeamSnap Live! gives customers all-new, real-time features, such as live chat and score updating so they can keep up with games and activities even when they aren’t physically there. Sign up for early access here:

“Every significant iOS update opens new possibilities for app makers to innovate,” said Andrew Berkowitz, TeamSnap chief product officer. “iOS 8 is no exception. We understand the need for speed and simplicity in our app – this was the perfect time to reinvent and deliver a new, exciting experience to our customers.”

TeamSnap’s app is available on the iTunes App Store ( ) or Google Play ( ).

About TeamSnap:
Nearly 7 million users around the world use TeamSnap to coordinate sports and other ongoing activities. For more information, please visit


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