COLUMBUS, Ohio, Aug. 21, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — One of the largest school districts in the state of Ohio, Teays Valley, is working with Columbus based digital media company, Livecast365, and their proprietary streaming technology. Teays Valley pursued their very own dedicated TV network and TV channels to support athletics and education within their community.

Teays Valley Local Schools - LiveCast365
PHOTO CAPTION: Teays Valley Local Schools, just outside of Columbus, Ohio, has partnered with Columbus, Ohio based Livecast365 to launch its very own TV channel.

  • Teays Valley and Livecast365 have partnered to broadcast sporting events and educational programming to district residents and fans. The broadcasts are available on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire devices.
  • The district’s first TV channel is set to launch with the upcoming football season. It will allow home and visiting team’s fans, as well as friends and relatives across the country, to tune into Teays Valley’s events through a digital ticket-based system.
  • Livecast365 believes that these previously unobtainable services and capabilities should be accessible to educational communities at local and regional levels.
  • Teays Valley district staff, volunteers, and students will run the network operation. This experience will double as unique on-the-job training for students interested in furthering their education in digital media.

Teays Valley Local Schools, just outside of Columbus, Ohio, has partnered with Columbus, Ohio based Livecast365 to launch its very own TV channel. The channel will launch this fall, starting with live and recorded broadcasts of Teays Valley High School football games. This is just the start of Teays Valley’s efforts to bring the school district’s many resources and opportunities directly into the living rooms of district residents. Teays Valley will also be broadcasting other events: including volleyball, soccer, and more from the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Teays Valley’s channel will also allow other districts, competing against Teays Valley teams, to tune in and watch the games. It is truly a win-win for everyone.

Location and accessibility has become obsolete. Now, friends and family throughout the country will be able to tune in. No one wants to miss their granddaughters or grandson’s shining moments; with Livecast365, no one will have to. Livecast365 will assist Teays Valley at a time when attendance will be severely limited due to Covid-19 restrictions. Not to mention, the school district will have more diverse and unique opportunities to support their advertisers. Our unique partnership with Teays Valley provides them with greater control of revenue generating opportunities for clubs, teams, and the district itself.

Through Livecast365, creators have the capability to bypass cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms (the companies that traditionally act as a controller/distributor of such content). In short, you can create your very own and personally branded TV channel. What’s even better? All of your generated revenue stays in your pocket. You can create live streaming content, pre-programmed content, pay-per-view content, subscriber content, and socially shareable content. Anywhere, anytime, through Livecast365. Our platform allows viewers to choose when, where, and how they watch your content.

About Teays Valley Local Schools

Teays Valley Local School District is a community located just outside of Columbus, Ohio, and is the largest school district in Pickaway County. It services the communities of South Bloomfield, Ashville, and Commercial Point. Teays Valley Local Schools serves over 4,000 students and their families.

About LiveCast365

Create it. Stream it. Own it™. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Livecast365 is the most original, affordable, user friendly, and over-the-top digital content delivery network in the world. Through a proprietary online tool that aggregates digital content, customers can create easy-to-use, user-generated, revenue generating, live streaming TV networks and channels. These channels can be easily broadcasted over Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku, proprietary web and mobile apps, and various social media networks. All while allowing customers to own their content and advertising profits.

Brill Devore, CTO

Joel Baker, Athletic Director
Teays Valley High School

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