LOS ANGELES, Calif., Feb. 1, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Vape Detector, a Californian brand, has announced the launch of its line of Vape Detectors for schools, hotels, businesses, and parents. The growing popularity of vaping among young people has made it increasingly difficult for schools and workplaces to enforce policies against it. Vape Detector™ is a trademarked brand of Forensics Detectors which is a leading gas detection company located in Los Angeles, California.

Vape Detector for Schools with Alarm Notifications - Forensics Detectors
Image Caption: Vape Detector for Schools with Alarm Notifications.

Dr. Koz, the president of Forensics Detectors says, ”The new line of vape detector products will offer schools, hotels, casinos, and business with choices that will assist in controlling the vaping epidemic.”

Vaping has become a growing concern for school administrators and business managers, leading to the implementation of policies aimed to curb vape use. However, enforcing these policies can be difficult. With the introduction of affordable vape detectors, enforcement becomes much more manageable, especially with continuous, real-time vape detection and cell phone alarm features.

A vape detector is an electronic device that detects vape smoke using laser scattering sensor technology. They are over 100 times more sensitive than a typical home smoke alarm. Vape Detector has launched three unique affordable vape detector products to address the vape challenge.

The first is a handheld unit, priced at $195, that can be used for point-and-sample measurements to confirm if vaping has occurred in an indoor space. The second is a modern and slim wall-mount unit, priced at $495, that can provide discreet and real-time monitoring and smartphone alarming, popular among schools and hotels. The third is an industrial wall-mount vape detector, priced at $895, that has cosmetic deterrent features and a super-sensitive laser sensor for industrial workplaces.

The detectors are sensitive to a variety of toxins emitted by vaping, including vape juice smoke, THC vapor, CBD vapor, weed smoke, nicotine smoke, propylene glycol vapor, and glycerin vapor.

About Forensics Detectors:

Vape Detector is a trademarked brand of Forensics Detectors. Vape Detector makes the best and most affordable vape detectors for schools, hotels, homes, and business. Forensics Detectors is the most comprehensive gas measurement company offering the world’s best and most affordable gas detectors, meters, and analyzers.

Since 2017, Forensics Detectors has grown to include virtually every major type of gas meter and detector to various sectors such as oil and gas, R&D, transport, food, construction, electronics, and occupational safety. Forensics Detectors is dedicated to providing the best professional gas measurement, detection, and monitoring equipment with expert technical support.

For more information, please visit Vape Detector at https://vapedetector.com/

Vape Detector, 777 Silver Spur Road, Suite #130, Rolling Hills Estates, CA, 90274, USA.


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Caption: Vape Detector for Schools with Alarm Notifications.

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