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Selected Client Testimonials 2010-2012

NOTE: As with all public relations and marketing campaigns, individual results with any specific press release will vary, due to a wide range of factors outside the control of any newswire service, including Send2Press.

Anthony Kirlew If you want to work with someone who really understands how press and media relations work, Christopher (at Neotrope / Send2Press) is your go-to guy. I had several years of experience working with the media, but when I engaged him and his firm, I was able to pick us some pearls of wisdom that made me a better provider to my client in the realm of PR. He offered the quickest and most personalized service I have ever received from a newswire service provider and I look forward to a long term professional relationship with him and his company. 
Anthony Kirlew,Founder, AKA Internet Marketing ~ Sept. 2012  

Thank you Chris for all the information. I love your company, honestly. The work that I sent in I felt was kind of incomplete due to my rushed schedule this week, but I wanted to get it out. You took it, added the heading, when I saw it I just said wow! It made a world of difference. I will always be your customer. Your rates I feel are great and the service is wonderful. 
Lamarr Williams
CEO, True Fan Sports, Inc. ~ July 2012

I am a PR and marketing professional with more than 16 years experience and have used nearly every single wire service available. By far, Send2Press has delivered the greatest results and the best value. My clients are always very impressed and pleased when I issue releases utilizing Send2Press. Some of my clients were using other wire services when they engaged with me and after trying Send2Press, they instantly converted. In addition, Send2Press' founder, Chris Simmons, is incredibly hands-on and provides a level of passion and TLC with his customers that is second-to-none. He is also a mastermind with SEO and utilizing the social media to maximize marketing mileage. I strongly recommend trying Send2Press. You're short changing yourself if you do not. 
Joe Bowerbank
President, Profundity Communications, Inc. ~ April 2012

Thanks again for your support and I'm so glad to have chosen to work with your company. We have been contacted by Hawaii's leading news TV morning news anchor to be interviewed. So it's definitely working! 
Sohee Chu
Photographer/Author of “Portraits of Aloha Hope: A Photographer Interviews 23 Women Tackling Life's Toughest Challenges” ~ Aug. 2011

Neotrope / Send2Press has played an important role in our success in the last couple years. The Neotrope PR Service Grant in 2009 was tremendously helpful in a critical year of our growth. With Neotrope's help spreading the word for our youth engagement programs via Send2Press®, we were able to engage more than 6,000 youth and 1,100 educators in our programs during the 2009-2010 school year. The announcement about our annual Gala in September 2009, which Neotrope assisted us to distribute prior to the event, helped bring an incredibly generous crowd to the event, which raised a record $140,000. We are grateful for Neotrope's contribution and look forward to growing our partnership. 
Dana Mortenson
Executive Director, World Savvy ~ Feb. 2011

Christopher, on behalf of Golden Shovel Agency, I would like to thank you again for your personal dedication to the promotion of Economic Gateway. We have many more Press Releases to come and your service will be our first stop. It is much more than appreciated. A heartfelt thank you from our team and a kudos to you and Neotrope / Send2Press. Thanks again. 
Mary Whelan
Marketing Manager, Golden Shovel Agency ~ Nov. 2010

It was easy to talk with Liisa Sullivan (for my press release writing project); she asked great questions and listened to my every word. Her friendly, interested and professional attitude made me feel very good sharing my story and my purpose. Me, I am confident but never one to boast, and when I thought of doing a press release, I felt awkward and uncomfortable. The press release was my first step in marketing, a commitment to what I am doing and something public, permanent and available on the internet. I don't know, but the release seems to validate my credibility in a way. Liisa had everything perfect: tone, style and content; and she made the whole experience so very easy and comfortable. Don't stop there, because my release was then edited/checked by Chris. Your editor generously gave me loads of information and insight into the process. When I have another press release, or need help writing content, I will be back — as well as referring your services. 
Arlene Nelson
Founder, Drug Tests by Mom ~ Aug. 2010

I have been capturing screen shots (of my press release) today and noticed postings on USA Today, About.com, Fox News and others. I am SO pleased. I plan to now re-tweet and start rating the social media postings, now that you have laid the groundwork. Again — thank you Chris for your amazing service and wonderful support. 
Marijane Shufro
President, Creative Marketing Concepts ~ Dec. 2010

I have used Send2Press for at least 5 projects now and I have to say I get the best results over any other service I have used. All my press releases now go directly to (company founder) Chris at Send2Press, who has been so helpful; from start-to-finish he makes us look good. It should be the first stop of any serious marketer. 
Larry Brunken
Biba Soft / PlayDictionary.com ~ Sept. 2012

Your service by far kicks PR Buzz's ass, and I only used them for clients that want to have a release sent out, but don't really care about its actual distribution. It's OK for a few inbound links, but your service definitely provides more in the way of inbound links and media pick-up. 
Mike McDermott
President, Bash Foo ~ June 2012

If you are looking for the most effective PR service available and a measureable way to increase the traffic to your site, you need not look further than Chris Simmons and Send2Press. Not only are Chris and his staff professional and a pleasure to deal with, they go way over and above. Most importantly they get the results. Send2Press has been a vital part of the marketing strategy at Allstar Coaches since our inception in 2006. Using their service has allowed us to get our message out to the mainstream media as well as connect with our audience and has helped establish our company as the leader in our market. I wouldn't even consider using another service. 'Worth every penny' is a gross understatement. Send2Press is worth a thousand times that. 
Rob Tischler
CEO, Allstar Coaches, LLC ~ May 2012

When tasked with promoting a client's product launch (Nylabone) in the Southeast U.S., I turned to Send2Press. They got my release out to the correct industry and print media, and also got some great social media hits. The end result was a call from the client that said 'Kudos....' The pick-ups were so broad, several people in the company saw the placements and commented to my liaison who made a point of commenting to me. The cost of the service is affordable — especially when viewed as an investment into keeping a regular client happy. 
Jo Schloeder
President; Creative Approach, LLC ~ Feb. 2012

Hi, Chris. Thank you so much for your kind help - and for performing your superb service in such a Green fashion. You made my first venture into this PR arena a surprisingly pleasant, amazingly easy experience. I had a very Green time with Global Green Light Day! I will happily be referring others to you. 
Marilyn Schoeman
Creator of Green Light®, founder Trinadigm, founder Global Green Light Day ~ March 2011

Dear Chris, You're the man! You rock! I cannot thank you enough for your fast, friendly, and overall excellent service! You have always been VERY responsive and a pleasure to work with. We have many more projects to come and I am looking forward to continuing to work with you in the future. Many kudos to you and Neotrope / Send2Press! Thanks so much for the excellent service that is becoming increasingly rare in our world today. 
Director, Steganography Analysis and Research Center and Vice President, Backbone Security ~ Jan. 2011

Dear Chris, I want to thank you for the outstanding job you and Liisa did preparing and distributing our press release. I'm so glad I found you. I received great feedback, even better than I expected. WOW! I'll do it again in a heartbeat, and will recommend your services to everyone I know. 
Nataly Giter
Founder, E'shee Clinical Esthetic ~ Oct. 2010

You did a tremendous job with the press release. I am thrilled how many people contacted me already. SUPER!!!! 
Sonja Paris
Author, “Make the Cougar Purr” ~ July 2010

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Selected Client Testimonials 2008-2009

Dick Samson We have used Send2Press for several years to reach the media and public on behalf of our clients in the insurance,and healthcare industries, with a focus on senior citizens. Send2Press is large enough to command solid exposure through all media channels, yet small and agile enough for its team to work with us on a first-name basis and get our message out in ever-new ways, particularly innovative social media reach. This is vital as print media struggle and Internet options evolve. 
Dick Samson, Director, EraNova Institute / The LTC Guild ~ Aug. 2009  

Hello, Chris. We had a successful year in 2008-09, serving more than 6,000 youth and 750 teachers nationally. The PR services from Neotrope and Send2Press were a huge help to get the word out about our programs and an integral part of that success, so THANK YOU! 
Edward Wang
Development Manager, World Savvy ~ Aug. 2009

I am quite pleased with the results and follow-up thus far, Chris. I thought Liisa was great to work with (on writing our release). Yesterday, a producer for The Hallmark Channel read the press release, then went to the website and subsequently called us to talk about featuring House to Home Services in a segment focusing on Baby Boomers and relocation/downsizing. Send2Press is exactly what we need to get our relevant business news into the market place. 
Janice Montana
CEO, House to Home Services, LLC ~ March 2009

Christopher Simmons is a professional in every aspect of his profession. His team delivers an array of services beyond and above most; from his company's press release services, search optimization, and PR writing, to incredibly distinct and numerous options for each individual client. His excitement and continual effort to improve on an already amazing system makes me believe in Chris and anything he touches. Anyone that needs any kind of press release should use these services. I have used Neotrope / Send2Press and Christopher's services since 2003 and refer every client to him as well. 
Loren Weisman
Music Producer, Music Coach, Drummer, & Marketing Guru
Founder, Brain Grenade Entertainment LLC
Author, “The Artist's Guide to Success in the Music Business” ~ Feb. 2009

I just wanted to say thank you again for helping us with the Children Awaiting Parents press release on the economy and adoption. We did receive a call from The Associated Press (AP). Thank you again. We are so grateful for your support. 
Gretchen Wood
Development Specialist, Children Awaiting Parents, Inc. ~ Feb. 2009

I was very happy with the service you provided and will be sure to come to you in the future for additional support as well as recommend Send2Press to colleagues. Thanks again! 
Rodrigo Gomes
Marketing Manager, edge14, LLC ~ Feb. 2009

I want to thank both of you (Chris and Liisa)! I do want to tell you that the last two press releases (written and distributed with Send2Press) got me some great exposure. The last one for bestnewyears.com I got a ton of Web hits, and for emrgmedia.com I ended up getting a few interviews — including by CNN.com, MSNBC.com, and Entrepreneur. We received major press in AM Magazine which goes all over New York City. To top that off I aired tonight on the 5 o'clock news NBC for 'best parties to go to on a budget.' They highlighted my company, my partner and our Web site. You are amazing!!!! 
Mario Stewart
Founder and co-owner, EMRG Media LLC ~ Dec. 2008

Send2Press was there for me, not only to send my press release to thousands of media contacts in every corner of the country, but they were also inspired by my concepts and took extra steps to make sure the right people got the information. Within a couple of days, I was getting calls from people wanting to do interviews about what they read in the press release, including one that led to a live TV appearance on CW Louisville's 'Live This Morning.' Send2Press works, and they are with you 'till the end! 
Matthew Fogle
Musician, Spring Cleaning Tour '08 ~ Oct. 2008

Many thanks, Christopher, it's always a pleasure to work with you. Whenever I get the chance, I think of Send2Press because of its great, great 'legs.' 
Sheila Hosenfeld
Co-Founder, PLS, Inc. (Launch Solutions) ~ Sept. 2008

Thank you so much Christopher, your Send2Press service really is terrific. I love your company's 'secret sauce.' Whatever it is, it works! 
Tess Taylor
Founder, National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP) ~ Aug. 2008

Hi, Chris: I am very pleased with the Send2Press service. I am very happy with your organization and hope to do business with you again soon. 
William Sykes
Author, “The Ellipse: The Fall and Rise of the Human Soul, Secrets of the Cosmos” ~ Aug. 2008

As our company (PreViser) has grown, we continue to be more and more pleased with the service and results we've gotten with Send2Press over the years. You're continuing to refine and expand what you do, changing along with changes in technology and communications, without losing focus on your core quality. You take care of us all along the way and really provide a lot of bang for your buck — you've really got it dialed in. It's been great to see your services growing and we look forward to continuing to work with you. Chris, as the owner, is definitely hands-on and personally involved in everything that goes out, and it shows; in the focus on detail and depth of experience and industry knowledge you have access to when working with him and his team. The cool thing is that while you get awesome service and excellent quality, you also get a nice splash of humor and personal interaction, so it's fun doing business. It's the perfect mix for this — bright, snappy writing, prompt and responsive communication, and wise guidance based on specialized knowledge. You provide an excellent customer experience, and I'd definitely recommend you guys to anyone! 
Mikyn Sygitowicz
Director of Marketing, PreViser Corporation ~ July 2008

Hi Chris — I've used press release services in the U.K., U.S. and Australia in the past few weeks and the quality of your Send2Press service far outstrips any that I've received elsewhere. Thank you and well done! 
Chris Thomason
Chief Imagineer, Sent Forever ~ April 2008

I was very pleased with the results we got from using your service. I saw us all over Google search results and even got some calls from small town newspapers that wanted to feature a story on us. Thanks for putting us on your eNewsChannels™ magazine front page, too. Hopefully, some day you can make your way north to visit us during the Festival. 
Irene Hartfield
Marketing Manager, Ely Winter Festival ~ Feb. 2008

We're very satisfied with the results of our recent press releases. You can quote me as a very satisfied customer, and in a few months I'll have a new press release for you. Thanks again. 
Jorge Brouwer
President, Expand-A-Lung, Inc. ~ Feb. 2008

Thanks for everything, Chris; you guys did a great job on our Zigback launch release! 
Marcus Dorris
Founder, Zigback Inc. ~ Feb. 2008

Hi Chris, I received two phone calls about consulting in the opening of PI (private investigation) agencies due to your press release. Thanks Chris, you 'the man.' 
John Krause, P.I., P.S.
Founder, John Krause Private Investigator;
Author, “The Private Investigator's Guide” ~ Feb. 2008

Thank You for all your help in helping me get the feature article for my book, The Baby Schedule Ruler, in Advance for Nursing magazine. Thank You!! 
Dee Rule
“Baby Nurse and Nanny to the Stars”;
Founder, Dee Rule Publishers ~ Feb. 2008

We have appeared in local print and Websites such as Business Week, and Therapy Times, and even Live Strong -- but without a doubt the biggest thrill has been seeing our name published in Frommer's Guide to 500 Places Where You Can Make a Difference. We had just sent out a press release with Neotrope / Send2Press about volunteers doing projects at our agency during Earth Week, when we received a call from Frommer's Guides asking if we would like to be included. I said we would be thrilled, and we are. Neotrope has done more to raise our profile than we could have ever imagined, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them! 
Tammy Westney
Executive Director, Special Equestrians ~ Dec. 2009

Chris Simmons of Neotrope / Send2Press is still the man! This year, like years past, Send2Press has come through for me by getting my press release seen by major news sources all over the world. I had interviews with television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the Internet, including the BBC, TMZ, CNN, UPI, Reuters, Fox News, E!entertainment, Life & Style magazine, etc., and even made it into the opening monologue of the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. Send2Press always makes me feel like an important client, which keeps me coming back. They are very thorough about keeping me informed with the various phases of the process of issuing my press release. Working with Christopher has gotten to be one of my favorite aspects of the work that I do. It is always very exciting for me to submit my press release to Send2Press, and the results have always been phenomenal! 
Daniel Edwards
Internationally Famous Sculptor ~ Dec. 2009

Thank you Chris, I am very pleased with your work, service and good communication. Liisa is very good and courteous, and did an exceptional job writing my press release. I came very close to taking another company, glad I found you. 
Emory Williams, Jr.
Co-Founder, The Combine Nation, Inc. ~ April 2009

Christopher: I want to tell you, every time we have used your company for sending a press release, you have been the one to assist me. Your customer service skills always have impressed me and I complete the conversation just knowing we have chosen the right news distribution company to work with. Thank you for your pleasant, upbeat voice, for listening and understanding what the issue is, and for promptly handling the issue in a professional way. I wish all (company) reps I have to deal with had the same pleasant customer service skills. 
Diane Ireland
Media Coordinator, Jim Curry Music ~ March 2009

The customer service at Neotrope / Send2Press is light years ahead of any other newswire or press distribution service I have ever used, and the success of the campaigns we have initiated with them have been impressive. Neotrope has made the process simple for the user, and once I have submitted my press materials, I know I don't have to worry about another thing. They take care of everything. 
Donna DeDario
Dir. of Communications, Starlight Children's Foundation ~ Feb. 2009

Chris and Liisa: I have to compliment you on your services here. You folks are prompt and professional. Liisa did a great job writing the release (I tried another service first, that was a mistake!) and your follow-up, attention to detail and help is greatly appreciated by me — the uninitiated! 
Tony Pallante
CEO, Performance Capital Services®
Author, “From Your Wallets to Their Pockets” ~ Feb. 2009

I am new to the Send2Press service and, so far, very impressed with its ease of use, stats and updates, and personal attention. We look forward to working with you in the future. 
Jennifer Driscoll
Director of Marketing, Van Millwork ~ Jan. 2009

Thank you Chris. Your service is great; and the result turns out to be good, too. I'm very satisfied. 
Kevin Zhou
Overseas Business, Colasoft Co., Ltd. ~ Nov. 2008

Chris, thank you; I really appreciate everything you have done. Your customer service has been incredible! 
Joe Lewis
President, MoJo Sports LLC ~ Nov. 2008

Hi Liisa, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on (writing) our press release! You captured all the information I wanted to get out the public in a professional manner! 
Michelle Klein
Owner, Magazines For Meals ~ Nov. 2008

Since this was the first time I used your service, I did supplement it with an additional national wire service. I will not do that again. There were slight differences in the release — the market saturation and number of postings from your distribution were much better. It's a rare thing when a service lives up to the hype — but you achieved this and more. 
Marijane Shufro
President, Creative Marketing Concepts ~ Sept. 2008

Thank you Chris! Very pleased with your service and, most of all, our relationship with you — we are excited to be working with you and your company! 
Jung Yun
President, Global Media Fund ~ Sept. 2008

Neotrope / Send2Press has given me excellent customer service and exceeded my expectations. It is by far been the most valuable tool in our firm's publicity efforts. 
Connie Werner Reichert
Principal, Write Side Up Publicity ~ Aug. 2008

Public relations can be a difficult field, but I have to say the job is made easier and more fun by utilizing Neotrope's Send2Press services. The press release placements are more targeted and reached faster with S2P. And, clients are more complimentary of my work, which is a very big plus for selecting S2P over any of the other services out there. The human touch to your service is another plus. Perhaps the best part of Neotrope is your ongoing effort to anticipate and change with the altered technology affecting every aspect of the communications business. 
John Scott G (aka “The G-Man”)
Author, Musician; Founder, G-Man Marketing;
Co-Founder, Golosio Music Publishing ~ Aug. 2008

Thank you! Your service was very easy to use, a great price, and your follow-up thorough — I appreciate the reporting updates and look forward to using Send2Press again, soon. 
Vicki Kung (aka “Bibi Bayliss” in SL)
Creator, Kungdesign; Museum of Robots in Second Life ~ May 2008

In December of 2004, Send2Press helped me with a press release on my new Web site, aBetterGarage.com. I just wanted to thank you again for your great service. Three and a half years later, and the release still appears on search engines, and we're still getting responses — more than three years later. Amazing! 
Donald J. Berg, AIA
Architect; Author, “American Country Building Design” ~ May 2008

Just so you know, the recent press release you wrote and distributed on our printing and mailing blog launch has received great exposure on all of our major industry channels: the DMA site, Direct and Target Marketing magazines; not to mention all the wire service players like Reuters, etc. It's definitely raised awareness about our blog, and our RSS and email subs have increased — now I just have to figure out what to do with it all! 
Ryan Cote
Director of Marketing, The Ballantine Corporation ~ Jan. 2008

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