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The following unsolicited customer testimonials have been sent to our Send2Press team based on completed projects, and have been reproduced here by the kind permission of the noted companies and individuals.

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Selected Recent Client Testimonials

NOTE: As with all public relations and marketing campaigns, individual results with any specific press release will vary, due to a wide range of factors outside the control of any newswire service, including Send2Press.

Send2Press Newswire has been an excellent resource for me and my clients. Chris and his staff are extremely attentive to their customers and always available to answer any questions to really ensure that I get the best value for my PR dollars. You have a very comprehensive list of services and if I'm not sure which is the best option, I can trust that you will educate me and you don't upsell me on what I don't need. 
Kelly Weppler Hernandez, WH & Associates, Marketing Strategists ~ March 2014

Thanks so much, Chris! I find you and your Send2Press service extremely reliable and affordable for my two little non-profits. I will confess, I tried a cheaper service for one concert, and came scrambling back, it was so unsatisfactory. Thank you for the targeted visibility boost on Facebook to N.Y. concert goers, too – that's fantastic. 
Joanne Lessner ~ Feb. 2014

Thanks again. When I had seen that the Sand USA beach project used Send2Press we decided to use your company again. We used your company about 8 years ago and got some decent media. Since then we wanted to try PR Web and BusinessWire, but did not receive the take-up rate compared to Send2Press. 
Anthony Bayss, Director, Smart Lid Systems ~ Jan. 2014

Hello Chris, thank you for providing such wonderful service. As always, I appreciate having you to work with on this. You are a great resource and definitely save me lots of time on doing media work. When I talk to others about the time it takes them to send out 100 or more news releases I'm so glad that I found you. I do think others should take advantage of your resource but they haven't put a cost to their time to really understand the advantages. 
Cheryl Zimny, CCAP, Community Development Manager,
Missouri Valley Community Action Agency (MVCAA) ~ Nov. 2013

Chris, I am very happy with your service. Your reports are the most detailed yet. Your utilization of regional news wires that feed Google has increased my presence with them. In the end I believe I may have exceeded 'Robert Louis Stevenson day' in visibility. At the last minute I decided to try something different. I found and was attracted to your targeting features at a reasonable price. When I uploaded, Chris was quick to help with suggestions which were greatly appreciated. Your after-launch reporting was outstanding. No pressure to sell me an annual subscription such as PR Web did. I am already planning my next release – and it goes to Send2Press. 
John Amrhein, Jr., President, New Maritima Press ~ Nov. 2013

Great job! I already got a call from CBS! Thanks. 
Jessica Wade Pfeffer, President, Jessica Wade Inc. ~ Aug. 2013

Dear Chris: Thank you – I was so lucky to find Send2Press and you! Your services made all the difference. I can't wait to see how this bumped the hangout's visibilty and what the attendence will be. I have been recommending news releases as an ongoing media presence we need to have and I was impressed by your excellent and comprehensive news media targeting. 
Mary Ford, Pillai Center For Mind Science ~ July 2013

Chris: Thank you so much, this is really exciting! Everyone is so impressed with your work, and it's actually kind of hilarious because [the client] overspent on a mass-email service which I was against, and they were in shock that this went out to tons more people, and was a fraction of the price. Now they're ALL about press releases and think it's this amazing new 'service' that has been invented. I had to explain that before social media and such, this WAS how marketing was done. Flyers, brochures, press releases...oh my! 
Maria I. Noboa, CHFI, Navigant Consulting ~ July 2013

Using Send2Press, I was able to successfully promote my books without any struggle at all and immensely profited both financially and sentimentally as I saw my search results on Google jump from 1,000 to 21,000 in no time, plus two local newspaper articles about me, and one online publication interview. Thank you very much for your kind support and dedicated teamwork. I will be back soon! 
Aaron Ozee, Author of “Celestial Inferno: Poems of Another Realm” ~ June 2013

Awesome Chris, you and Send2Press are great! I highly recommend your company to anyone who needs a push :-) Thank you and Liisa for all your help, you never cease to amaze me. Great coverage. Thank you. 
Richard Diamond, The Nile Baker Estate ~ May 2013

The team at Neotrope / Send2Press continue to be tremendous partners for our organization and our mission to fight hunger across North America. Their personal service, wealth of experience and overwhelming generosity have allowed us to reach new supporters and increase awareness to our cause. We can't thank them enough for their invaluable and continued support of our organization. 
Jason Taetsch, Move for Hunger ~ April 2013

Dear Chris, I would like to thank you for all the help you have given us through the process of publishing our press releases. Your responses were always immediate and at times carried out with a sense of humor, which I appreciate very much. It's nice to see a little humanity behind the excellent degree of professionalism and unparalleled diligence you also maintained. The level of service we have been provided with was simply unbelievable to say the least. Your very quick responses to all our questions really proved to be of immense help and comfort. Our news article was picked by Google, Yahoo! and many other highly ranked sources instantly – we are very pleased with the results. Thanks a million and keep up the good work! 
MarriageVisaHelp, Professional Consultancy ~ April 2013

Hi, Chris: BTW, I tried PR Web two weeks ago, and I like your service so much more. That's why I decided to send out a second press release. I liked your suggestions for improvements to the text, and changing the photo. Thanks again! 
Charlene Manning, Kief-Joshua Vineyards ~ April 2013

Liisa, WOW! Thank you so much. You totally captured the tenor of my show. Your press release made my morning. It's absolutely fantastic. I can't wait for other people to read it! Thank you again Liisa. You're a gifted and talented writer. I'm not ingratiating either. If I say it, I mean it. Wonderful job writing my press release. 
Moky Huynh, Stage Performer ~ March 2013

Chris, you're simply the best. I adore the level of attention you give every release to make certain it does what it's meant to do. My agency is small, but it's growing, and you'll be seeing more of me. Thank you most sincerely. 
Sherri L. McLendon, MA, Professional Moneta Marketing PR ~ Feb. 2013

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