REDONDO BEACH, Calif. – September 3 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Publishers Newswire ( announced today 13 new books of note, released during August 2005. Book topics include the nature of reality in ‘Paradox’ by Jane Weir; ‘The Evolution Diet” by JSB Morse; an autobiography of the ‘wizard of weed’ in ‘9021Grow’ by CraigX; evidence proving pre-Columbian Chinese maritime survey of the world in ‘The 1421 Heresy’ by Anatole Andro; and author Waymon Lefall brings a missing piece of African American history to his children’s book ‘The Legend of Jocko.’


* New Book Discloses True Meaning of Paradox

HOUSTON, TX — The newly-released book from iUniverse Publishers, ‘Paradox, The Rejected Cornerstone,’ by Jane Weir embarks on an eye-opening journey into the obscure realm of paradoxes and proves that instead of mysticism and contradiction these ubiquitous equations, ironically, reveal a secret inner and higher form of order-specifically, the long sought after and ever-elusive universal blueprint.

BOOK NOTES: Title: Paradox, The Rejected Cornerstone – Author: Jane Weir – Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. – ISBN: 0-595-34480-1 – 4 x 9 paperback, 150 pp., 25 b&w illustrations – $14.95 (Editor’s Choice).

* ‘Connecting with the Bliss of Life,’ by Former Navy SEAL Dave Ferruolo, Offers Tips for Moving Beyond Stress and Negative Thinking

MANCHESTER, NH — Bliss Media today announced the publication of ‘Connecting with the Bliss of Life, Powerful Lessons for Living a Peaceful and Happy Life’ (ISBN: 0976742497) by former Navy SEAL David Michael Ferruolo.

BOOK NOTES: “Connecting with the Bliss of Life, Powerful Lessons for Living a Peaceful and Happy Life” by David Michael Ferruolo – ISBN: 0976742497 – $16.95, September 2005.

* Joseph Stephen Breese Morse Announces the Alternative to Fad Dieting With the Release of His Book ‘The Evolution Diet’

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Joseph SB Morse announces release of ‘The Evolution Diet’ (ISBN 1-4116-3503-5) published by CoDe Publishing. Author promotes eating ‘what and how we were designed to eat.’

BOOK NOTES: “The Evolution Diet” by Joseph SB Morse – ISBN 1-4116-3503-5) – Available online at,, and for $12.27-$15.57.

* Ethiopian Writer Speaks Out on HIV/AIDS, Family Values, and Culture, Touching Many Worldwide

MCLEAN, VA — Kifle Bantayehu, a 24 year-old second-generation Ethiopian immigrant is breaking new ground with his work of literature – ‘The Healing Conscious’ (ISBN: 1411600770) – combining the English language with Ethiopian culture. Moved by the AIDS epidemic, the author will donate twenty percent of the net proceeds to various organizations working to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and help those affected in Africa’s developing nations, particularly children orphaned by this devastating epidemic.

BOOK NOTES: Title: The Healing Conscious – Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc.- Edition: Softcover – Price: $15.80 (retail) – ISBN: 1411600770.

* Family Wars of The 21st Century – Take no Survivors

PENTICTON, B.C., Canada – August 23 — Author Gordon Baker, announced today the release of his book, Desperate To Survive (ISBN: 1-59526-011-0). Based on a true story, this book gives a dramatic account of the terrible pain and suffering the author’s sister inflicted on him, in her attempt to become the sole heir to the family’s $300,000 estate.

BOOK NOTES: “Desperate To Survive” by Gordon Baker – ISBN: 1-59526-011-0.

* New Book Presents Evidence Proving Pre-Columbian Chinese Maritime Survey of the World

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Author Anatole Andro spent two-and-a-half years evaluating Chinese and European historical documents pertaining to the alleged Ming Chinese circumnavigation of the world one hundred years before the great European explorations. The author found that not only did such evidence exist, historians and investigators had knowledge of it. Many even commented on some of the evidence, then provided tenuous explanations for it, ignored it, or supplanted it.

BOOK NOTES: Title: The 1421 Heresy, An Investigation Into the Ming Chinese Maritime Survey of the World – Author: Anatole Andro – Publisher: AuthorHouse – ISBN: 1420873490 – 5×9 hardcover, 400 pp., 338 B&W illustrations, $27.95.

* New Almanac Predicts Early Spring, Low Wheat Harvest and Frequent Insomnia in 2006

TORONTO, Ontario — Ginseng Press announces the release of ‘The Chinese Almanac 2006.’ The almanac predicts, among other things, that this coming winter will be mild and spring will arrive early, but spring and summer will be abnormally cool. Beans and corn will grow well but wheat will not. Insomnia and heart problems will be common health concerns.

BOOK NOTES: Title: The Chinese Almanac 2006 – Authors: Thomas Zhang, ND, Dr of TCM and Ariel Frailich – Publisher: Ginseng Press ( – ISBN: 0-9732196-8-8 – 4.5×7 paperback, 94 pp., US$9.99/Cdn$12.49 – Available from, and other bookstores and retail outlets. Also available in various eBook formats.

* Shakespeare’s True Story – University Seminar Applauds ‘The Monument’

PORTLAND, Ore. — Shakespeare scholars attending a week-long Concordia University seminar concluded that the great poet-dramatist revealed the most significant chapter of his life in the Sonnets of 1609, as explained in the new 918-page edition by Hank Whittemore entitled The Monument: ‘Shake-Speares Sonnets’ by Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford (Meadow Geese Press, ISBN: 0966556453), published this year.

BOOK NOTES: New 918-page edition by Hank Whittemore entitled The Monument: ‘Shake-Speares Sonnets’ by Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford – Meadow Geese Press, ISBN: 0966556453.

* Waymon Lefall Brings a Missing Piece of African American History to Children’s Book, ‘The Legend of Jocko’

BALTIMORE, MD — His book shares the little known, inspirational story of a 12-year-old, African American boy named Jocko who sacrificed his life for our country. According to LeFall, young Jocko’s moment of sacrifice, came just when George Washington faced defeat during the Revolutionary War, and headed across the Delaware River to Trenton, New Jersey to attack the British. As legend goes, Jocko, who had crossed the Delaware earlier along with volunteer troops, offered to guard Washington’s horses so that they would be there waiting for him. Only, by the time Washington made it across the icy river, Jocko had frozen to death.

BOOK NOTES: ‘The Legend of Jocko’ by Waymon Lefall, $9.96, available at

* Pro-Pot Republican and Presidential Candidate Publishes Book, ‘9021GROW’

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — 9021GROW is sure to be one of the most controversial publications of 2005. CraigX has worked with Star magazine and written for High Times magazine and this book, 9021GROW (ISBN-0-9747110-0-4) is a combination of the two genres with a prophetic message. As the owner of America’s premier hemp store, 2000B.C., CraigX was arrested standing up for his Free Speech rights. He went to court with attorney, Eric Shevin, and won the right to call a water pipe a ‘bong.’

BOOK NOTES: 9021GROW By Craig X Rubin – ISBN: 0-9747110-0-4 – Hardback; 6 x 9; 304 pages; $24.95 – Publisher: 2000B.C. – Distribution: and

* Training Failure Translates Into Squandered Capital That No Company Can Afford to Lose in Next Decade – People

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Washington-based training and consulting company, VIP Innovations announced today, the imminent release of ‘Conversations in Success’ (ISBN1-932863-85-0), a new book that features in-depth interviews with accomplished entrepreneurs and business professionals. The book is co-authored by Eva Jenkins, a leading authority on human capital management and the driving force at VIP Staffing and VIP Innovations.

BOOK NOTES: “Conversations in Success” – ISBN 1-932863-85-0 – Co-authored by Eva Jenkins.

* Exciting New Book Untangles the Mystery of How to Be a Top Producing Sales Professional

LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ — Strategic Sales Closers LLC today announced the publication of a new book ‘The Sales Superstar Bible – Everything You Need To Know To Be The Top Producing Sales Professional In Your Company.’ This book demystifies and simplifies the world of professional sales, says author Michael Leppo.

BOOK NOTES: Title: The Sales Superstar Bible – Everything You Need To Know To Be The Top Producing Sales Professional In Your Company – Author: Michael Leppo – Publisher: Strategic Sales Closers – ISBN: 0-9765752-0-5 – 8.5 x 5.5 x .02 inches softcover, 100 pp., $13.95.

* Best-selling Author Celebrates New Website with Free Audio Book Giveaway

DALLAS, TX — Marcus A. Parker is celebrating the release of his all new website,, by offering signed copies of his book ‘The Product’ for those who purchase online. ‘The Product’ which has been hailed as the African American version of The Purpose Driven Life also comes with a FREE Audio book.

BOOK NOTES: ‘The Product’ by Marcus A. Parker – ISBN: 1418462578.

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