TEMECULA, Calif., Aug. 7, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Publishers Newswire (PNW), a news publisher covering books, music and software launched in 2004, has announced its semiannual “books to bookmark” list of six new and interesting children’s books from small publishers and self-published authors in North America published over the past year. These children’s books are often overlooked due to not coming from major traditional book publishing houses.

Books to Bookmark Aug 2023
Image Caption: Books to Bookmark Aug 2023.

“Generally our semi-annual round-ups comprise all topics,” says PNW editor and publisher, Christopher Laird Simmons, who has worked in the publishing world since the late ‘70s, and is also CEO of the website’s parent company, NEOTROPE®. “But we decided to do a list specifically of interesting children’s books from the past year ‘worth a look.’”

Herewith are 6 interesting reads worth a look (alphabetical order, based on book title):

Children’s sing-along book author and vocalist Bridget Burton (pen name) known in her community as Barbara Burton Graf, recently published her second children’s book “Annie Kai Lani Kai Lou: Maui’s Beloved Pup” (ISBN 978-0989562416; Softcover). The illustrated book, designed for early readers, is captured in both a soft cover print, eBook (Kindle) and video/cartoon versions and includes upbeat Hawaiian music with steel guitar and ukulele and vocals by the author herself. Learn more: https://publishersnewswire.com/music-and-arts-authors-second-childrens-sing-along-book-launches-with-a-give-back-campaign-supporting-pet-adoption/

Magic is everywhere, you just have to believe. Follow Edy the gnome on his whimsical adventures in the human world, while he tries to save the last Golden Believer left on earth. “My Magical Gnome” (ISBN: 978-0228860136) by author Monika Blichar is a delightful storybook that can be enjoyed by the young and old alike. Learn more: https://publishersnewswire.com/publishing-a-magical-gnome-makes-his-way-to-earth-just-in-time-for-christmas/

“Our Walk with Grandma” (ISBN: 978-1039145450, FriesenPress) is both fun and educational. It shares a cherished time of a grandma and her grandkids enjoying a beautiful walk together while learning about the surrounding nature. It’s written by Dolores F. Kurzeka, delightfully illustrated by Nichole Monahan and posthumously released by her children to honor her memory. Learn more: https://publishersnewswire.com/publishing-new-book-our-walk-with-grandma-by-dolores-f-kurzeka-showcases-that-fun-multigenerational-walks-create-memories-that-transcend-generations/

“The Children of Light: Book I” (ISBN: 978-1958377017; paper) is a picture book for children by co-authors Elizabeth and Adetoro Adekunle. The book follows the fun adventures of 4 friends who live in West Africa, as their town works on regaining electricity which was later obtained with solar power. Published by The Black Girl Judge Company LLC. Learn more: https://publishersnewswire.com/publishing-the-children-of-light-book-i-is-a-new-adventure-picture-book-for-children/

“The Surfing Mouse” (ISBN: 978-0228872313) is a children’s story about a brave young mouse who overcomes his fear of surfing big waves. Everyone’s afraid of something, which is why author Stefan Piccione wanted to show audiences how determination, strength, and a strong belief in yourself can help you overcome your fears and achieve your goals. Learn more: https://publishersnewswire.com/publishing-surf-is-definitely-up-in-stefan-picciones-new-childrens-book/

In Adrian Lortie’s debut novel “Zoe and the I Can’t Monkey” (ISBN: 978-0228889755; March 28, 2023), we explore the importance of children developing healthy communication skills and learning to deal with negative emotions at a young age through a fun, educational story. Learn more: https://publishersnewswire.com/publishing-zoe-and-the-i-cant-monkey-by-adrian-lortie-an-uplifting-story-about-positive-self-talk-and-confidence-for-children/


Learn more about additional books you’ve probably never heard of here: https://publishersnewswire.com/pnw/book-news/


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