REDONDO BEACH, Calif. – Oct. 3 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Publishers Newswire ( announced today 10 new books of note, released during September 2005. Book topics include the ‘Teenagers Guide to the Beatles’ by Zane Lalani; ‘The Savvy Guide to Home Security’ by John Mueller; ‘TVtherapy’ by Beverly West and Jason Bergund; and ‘Haul Away! Teambuilding Lessons from a Voyage Around Cape Horn,’ by Rob Duncan.


* Physician Exposes Medicare Crimes

PORT CHARLOTTE, FL — Ulyssian Publications, an imprint of Pine Orchard Inc., announces its newly released novel “The House of Ecksteins: A Doctor’s Ill-Fated Journey,” by Karun Nayar. Nayar is the pen name of a practicing physician in Florida who has witnessed corruption in the healthcare industry for many years. He walks the reader through a winding maze of organized crimes that “milks the system” by taking care of elderly patients through Medicare.

BOOK NOTES: “The House of Ecksteins: A Doctor’s Ill-Fated Journey” – by Karun Nayar – ISBN 1-930580-71-1, 208 pages, $14.95, softcover – Ulyssian Publications

* Author Helps Children of All Ages Develop Imagination with New Book ‘The Boy, The King and The Chihuahua’

AUSTIN, TX — From films to television to politics and economics, the nation, and perhaps the world seems to have run devoid of imagination. Salvador SeBasco feels the strain of this lack, and he hopes his new children’s book, The Boy, The King, and The Chihuahua (now available through AuthorHouse), can correct this alarming trend by focusing on one of America’s most important resources.

BOOK NOTES: “The Boy, The King and The Chihuahua” – by Salvador SeBasco – ISBN 1420863150 – Color (8.5×8.5) $17.25 – AuthorHouse

* Every Day is Spa Day with The Art of the Spa Engagement Calendar

CINCINNATI, OH — “The Art of the Spa Engagement Calendar,” by international spa expert Candace Silvasy, and published by Andrews McMeel Publishing, is the first calendar ever to be entirely devoted to spas.

BOOK NOTES: “The Art of the Spa-Spas of the World 2006 Engagement Calendar” – by Candace Silvasy – $12.99 – ISBN 0740751484 – Andrews McMeel is an imprint of Simon & Schuster, the world’s largest publisher of calendars.

* Self-Published Author Randall Towe Announces Public Availability of his book “The End of Time”

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Broadband Productions announces publication of “The End of Time” (ISBN: 1-4116-3846-8) in conjunction with Lulu Enterprises, the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books, according to the company.

BOOK NOTES: “The End of Time” – by Randall Towe – ISBN: 1-4116-3846-8 – Available at

* ‘Teenagers Guide to the Beatles’ by Zane Lalani Speaks to a New Generation of Secret Beatle Fans

TAMPA, Fla. — Averstream Press announced the publication of “Teenagers Guide to the Beatles,” by Zane Lalani, a book designed to bring the Beatles to a new generation of teenage Beatle fans, including many who keep their Beatles passion in the closet.

BOOK NOTES: “Teenagers Guide to the Beatles” – by Zane Lalani – $24.95 AverStream Press – ISBN: 0965874079 – Hardcover 216 pages

* Author Bruce Adams Claims God Instructed him to Write his Book ‘Prophet or Madman’

FORT MYERS, Fla. — In his book, “Prophet or Madman” (ISBN: 0-9764840-6-4), Bruce Adams tells the story of his own surprise life-altering experience with a higher power and how, through his interpretation from this higher power, he has developed a roadmap for living based on a set of universal truths that impact us all.

BOOK NOTES: “Prophet or Madman” – by Bruce Adams – ISBN: 0-9764840-6-4

* Protect Your Home and Family with ‘The Savvy Guide to Home Security’

NDIANAPOLIS, IN — They are the two most important things in your life – your family, and your home. You need to protect them! Home security measures are important in today’s society. Whether it is to protect your personal records from identity theft, or to provide added security for your family after dark, you have the ability to accomplish a home security system on your own. Indy-Tech Publishing, the publishing division of Sams Technical Publishing, LLC, has announced the August release of The Savvy Guide to Home Security, ISBN 0-7906-1315-8.

BOOK NOTES: “The Savvy Guide to Home Security” – by John Mueller – ISBN 0-7906-1315-8 – Indy-Tech Publishing

* ‘My Way Out’ Alcohol Recovery Program Highlights New Treatments for Addiction

ANCHORAGE, AK — “My Way Out” by Roberta Jewell incorporates the medication topiramate, which is core to the program. In her book she describes her 20-year battle with the bottle and the multi-modality program she developed that has now captured the attention of the medical, legal and recovery community. It has been embraced by individuals worldwide, many of whom have quietly adopted the therapy, usually under their doctor’s care.

BOOK NOTES: “My Way Out” – by Roberta Jewell – Published by Capalo Press

* New Book Presents Teambuilding Lessons Learned from Sailing the World’s Most Dangerous Seas

NEW YORK, NY — Great Capes Consulting announces the publication of “Haul Away! Teambuilding Lessons from a Voyage Around Cape Horn.” The book presents lessons learned by author Rob Duncan from his experience of taking a break from his consulting and college teaching career in order to sign on as a deckhand on the Europa, a tall ship that was bound for Cape Horn, the most dangerous waters on the planet.

BOOK NOTES: “Haul Away! Teambuilding Lessons from a Voyage Around Cape Horn” – by Rob Duncan – ISBN: 1-4208-3032-5 – Paperback, 120 pages, $15.95

* TVtherapy: The Television Guide to Life

NEW YORK, NY — Beverly West (co-author of the best selling “Cinematherapy” series) and Jason Bergund announced the publication of “TVtherapy, The Television Guide to Life.” Finally, a home theater companion that understands what we’ve all known for years–our favorite TV shows are more than an escape, they’re best friends and a form of therapy that can help us cope with everything from a bad hair day to a nuclear family meltdown.

BOOK NOTES: “TVtherapy The Television Guide to Life” – by Beverly West and Jason Bergund – ISBN: 0-385-33902-X – Trade Paperback, 192 pages $14.00 – Delta (Div. of Random House, Inc.)

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