TOWSON, Md., Nov. 23, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The inventor of the Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover, Katherine Miles, explains that this seemingly-simple product—essentially, two pieces of slippery fabric—has proven to be a key part of a continuum of care for seniors with limited mobility and for persons recovering from injury or surgery.

The Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover

The Ruby Slipper helps people enter and exit a vehicle seat with ease, allowing seniors and patients to get to the places they want and need to go: visiting friends and family, running errands and going to medical appointments.

  • For seniors, the Ruby Slipper can help retain independence by removing a roadblock to transportation, freeing seniors to continue to enjoy a range of activities.
  • For those recovering from illness, injury or surgery, the Ruby Slipper makes going to the doctor, hospital or physical therapist less of a challenge (or an impossibility), allowing the patient to continue the journey to health.
  • For caregivers, the Ruby Slipper makes helping a family member, friend or client into and out of the car a much easier task, which expands the range of possible activities and reduces resistance to outings.

“For many seniors, the Ruby Slipper becomes a long-term part of their routine. Favorite activities can be sustained and contribute to overall enjoyment of life,” said Miles. “Folks rehabbing from injury or surgery find the Ruby Slipper is a low-cost, easy-to-use way to continue their recovery. And as a former caregiver myself, I can vouch for the difference it makes when getting in and out of a car is no longer an obstacle.”

Many customers agree and have shared their satisfaction with the Ruby Slipper:

  • “WOW—what a huge difference it made! … I just tuck her legs into the front and slide her in. It’s SO easy and I can’t be more thankful!”—Lisa Jennings
  • “Didn’t really believe it until I saw how it helped my mom move in and out of the car more easily.”—Ely from Florida
  • “This has proven to be the easiest car seat cover for me to use. It slides me in and out with no effort. After a fall, I had to find an easier way to get into the passenger seat ….”—T. Perkins
  • “Very good product. My husband uses it in his driver’s seat of car. He has decreased mobility in his hips. It helps a great deal.”—Deborah Price
  • “My dad has Parkinson’s and we were having a hard time getting him in and out of a new car …. I knew we needed something to help him slide around once he sat down. This product was the perfect solution and has made a great impact on his ability and our ability (when he needs assistance) to get him in and out of the car.”—Sherry Rolsma

About the Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover

The Ruby Slipper is a two-layer nylon seat cover that creates a unique sliding action, allowing an individual to pivot smoothly into and out of a car seat.

The Ruby Slipper is easily installed in minutes. The user or caregiver rotates the top layer of nylon fabric over the seating area toward the door to hang over the side of the seat. Then, the user sits on the fabric, swivels into the car to place his or her feet on the floor, and slides back into the seat. (If help is needed, a caregiver can grasp the individual’s legs and rotate them into the car.)

The Ruby Slipper is inexpensive, easy to use and easily stored when not needed. It fits virtually all passenger cars and trucks, works on both cloth and leather seats, and can be moved from car to car as needed. The nylon fabric is rugged, comfortable and easy to care for.

About Ruby Slipper, LLC

Made entirely in America, the Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover can be purchased online at (via PayPal) or by calling 877-855-3065. The cost is $79.95 plus $11.95 shipping. The Ruby Slipper comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Questions can be directed to or 877-855-3065. Ruby Slipper, LLC is located at P.O. Box 42430, Towson, MD 21284.


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