TOWSON, Md., May 11, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Katherine Miles, creator of the Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover, shares that for this product, which allows persons with limited mobility to enter and exit a car with ease, necessity was truly the mother of invention. Miles was faced with a common dilemma: how to help her aging parent stay active and living a full life.

Ruby Slipper Car Seat Mobility Device
Miles’ mother—named Ruby—was a busy senior and always on the go, volunteering at a local hospital and other community organizations and enjoying shopping and eating out. She had no trouble getting in and out of the car, until injuries and other health conditions cropped up. Due to her lack of upper and lower body strength, and even with her daughter’s help, Ruby struggled to enter and exit vehicles. She feared she might never get back to her active and fulfilling life.

Miles hated the thought of no longer being able to take her mother for errands, appointments and drives. Reducing the friction between her mother’s clothes and the car seat, Miles quickly realized, would make it vastly easier for her mother to slide herself into the seat—or for a caregiver to do so.

She devised the Ruby Slipper, a deceptively simple product that is both affordable and easy to use. This two-layer nylon seat cover creates a unique sliding action that allows an individual to pivot smoothly into a comfortable sitting position.

“It was no longer difficult to get my mother into the car safely,” said Miles, “and it did not take super powers to do!” Quickly realizing that this “swivel car seat” could help lots of other people, too, she patented her design in 2014.

Now, anyone with limited mobility, whether temporary or permanent, can find greater freedom with the Ruby Slipper, including those who are elderly, injured, disabled, recovering from surgery or experiencing upper or lower body muscle weakness. Miles noted that the market for the Ruby Slipper also includes caregivers, physicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists and Veterans Administration professionals.

To use the Ruby Slipper, the top layer of nylon fabric is rotated over the seating area toward the door to hang over the side of the seat. Then, the individual sits on the fabric, swivels into the car to place his or her feet on the floor, and slides back into the seat. (If help is needed, a caregiver can grasp the individual’s legs and rotate them into the car.)

Lightweight and simple to install, the Ruby Slipper can be moved from car to car as needed. The Ruby Slipper fits virtually all passenger cars and trucks and works on both cloth and leather seats. The nylon fabric (red, black or gray) is rugged, comfortable and easy to care for.

About Ruby Slipper, LLC

Made entirely in America, the Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover can be purchased online at (via PayPal) or by calling 877-855-3065. The cost is $79.95 plus $11.95 shipping. The Ruby Slipper comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Questions can be directed to or 877-855-3065. Ruby Slipper, LLC is located at P.O. Box 42430, 808 Gleneagles Ct., Towson, MD 21284.

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