TOWSON, Md., Aug. 24, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Malin Dollinger, M.D., an internist and oncologist with hereditary spastic paraplegia, was so pleased with the Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover that he wrote an unsolicited review and recommendation in the summer 2019 edition of the Spastic Paraplegia Foundation’s newsletter. Hereditary spastic paraplegia, an inherited neurological disorder, is characterized by progressive weakness and stiffness in the legs.

The Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover
PHOTO CAPTION: The Ruby Slipper can be used by individuals with long- or short-term mobility loss.

Dr. Dollinger, the newsletter’s Medical/Research editor, wrote about how difficult it was to transfer from a scooter to the driver’s seat of his handicap van. Once he had parked his scooter inside the van, he was able to pull himself up, step forward and sit sideways on the seat. But with his limited mobility, he could not turn his body to face forward. Dr. Dollinger described the problem:

“Then came the difficult/awkward task of sliding onto the seat while rotating my behind, to face forward. Most driver’s seats on the vans were rough and difficult to slide across. … My clothes always caught on the surface of the driver’s seat, and it was very difficult to push myself onto the seat. No seat cover or upholstery was smooth and slick enough.

“Enter the Ruby Slipper car seat cover, a very clever new idea to solve this problem. Nothing like it before. … You sit on the upper nylon layer and very easily slide across where you need to go, the two nylon sheets sliding over each other.”

Katherine Miles, inventor of the Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover, commented, “Even someone who has a scooter and handicap van can be stopped cold by the inability to sit back into a car seat. I’m so glad Dr. Dollinger found the Ruby Slipper. For a simple product, it sure can make everyday life so much easier for folks with limited mobility.”

About the Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover

The Ruby Slipper is a two-layer nylon seat cover, easily installed in minutes, that creates a unique sliding action that allows an individual to pivot smoothly into and out of a car seat. The user or caregiver rotates the top layer of nylon fabric over the seating area toward the door to hang over the side of the seat. Then, the user sits on the fabric, swivels into the car to place his or her feet on the floor, and slides back into the seat. (If help is needed, a caregiver can grasp the individual’s legs and rotate them into the car.)

The Ruby Slipper is inexpensive, easy to use and easily stored when not needed. It fits virtually all passenger cars and trucks, works on both cloth and leather seats, and can be moved from car to car as needed. The nylon fabric is rugged, comfortable and easy to care for.

The Ruby Slipper can be used by individuals with long- or short-term mobility loss; those who are rehabilitating from illness, injury or surgery; caregivers; physicians, occupational therapists and physical therapists; and Veterans Administration professionals.

About Ruby Slipper, LLC

Made entirely in America, the Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover can be purchased online at (via PayPal) or by calling 877-855-3065. The cost is $79.95 plus $11.95 shipping. The Ruby Slipper comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Questions can be directed to or 877-855-3065. Ruby Slipper, LLC is located at P.O. Box 42430, Towson, MD 21284.

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*Caption: The Ruby Slipper can be used by individuals with long- or short-term mobility loss.

News Source: Ruby Slipper LLC