HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., May 1, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — In anticipation of Mental Health Awareness Month this May, Soberlink, the leading alcohol monitoring technology for documenting proof of sobriety, is excited to launch its inspiring “Proof is Powerful” initiative. This campaign aims to emphasize the life-changing impact of proving sobriety in healing relationships and bolstering confidence during the recovery process.

Soberlink Advanced Reporting provides tangible proof of sobriety to loved ones
Image Caption: Soberlink’s Advanced Reporting shows colored icons in calendar format, helping people celebrate the small wins and provide tangible proof of sobriety to loved ones.

By sharing the moving stories of Soberlink clients who have successfully rebuilt their lives and relationships, the “Proof is Powerful” initiative brings attention to the significance of the little green checkmarks on a Soberlink calendar. As individuals demonstrate their commitment to sobriety, they progressively restore trust with their loved ones, creating a supportive environment for enduring recovery. The campaign poses the question: Can something as simple as proving sobriety truly be the key to unlocking this healing process?

Grant, a former Soberlink client, witnessed this transformative power firsthand. Initially hesitant to use Soberlink, Grant soon recognized the positive impact it had on his relationships with those around him. By documenting and proving his sobriety through Soberlink, Grant was able to regain trust, mend relationships, and renew his dedication to a healthier, sober life, along with a rewarding new career.

“For me, Soberlink was a crucial accountability tool. It was the guardrail that kept me from veering off the road to recovery,” says Grant. “Soberlink also provided evidence of change that helped me regain the trust of my family. With the help of Soberlink and other support, I learned that recovery was not only possible but also enjoyable and rewarding. So much so that it inspired a career change and led me to work for an organization whose mission is to help people struggling with alcohol and drug use disorders find quality treatment appropriate for their needs.”

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Aligned with the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Month, Soberlink’s “Proof is Powerful” initiative strives to shift the conversation around proving sobriety by showcasing its potential to heal, rebuild, and empower those in recovery. The campaign aims to promote a supportive and empathetic environment for individuals on their path to sobriety.


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Soberlink is the leading remote alcohol monitoring technology company that provides documented proof of sobriety. The company’s technology includes a portable breathalyzer device and a cloud-based system that monitors and reports sobriety in real-time. Soberlink’s strives to support individuals on their recovery journey by providing a technology that promotes accountability, builds trust, and empowers lasting recovery. The “Proof is Powerful” initiative is just one example of Soberlink’s commitment to promoting a supportive and empathetic environment for those in recovery.

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Image caption: Soberlink’s Advanced Reporting shows colored icons in calendar format, helping people celebrate the small wins and provide tangible proof of sobriety to loved ones.

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