NEW YORK, N.Y. and SINGAPORE, Sept. 27, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — HIX ArticleGPT, the latest offering rolled out by HIX AI, is an AI article writer that allows users to craft credible, well-researched blog articles within minutes. The platform guarantees that the AI-generated content will be 100% fact-based, SEO-friendly, and up-to-date. These aren’t just hollow promises; they are actual features the tool can deliver.

HIX ArticleGPT
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“Ever-more-powerful AI tools arrive daily to push the limits of what is possible. However, none of them comes close to the versatility HIX ArticleGPT offers,” affirms Camille Sawyer, CEO of HIX.AI.

HIX ArticleGPT supports up to 8 types of articles that cover a wide range of niches, including Amazon product roundups, general product roundups, how-to guides, news articles, comparison posts, and beyond, far more than its competitors. Its sophisticated algorithms also ensure users receive 100% unique and reliable content safe from Google’s duplicate content penalties.

The benefits don’t stop there. “Our users want a draft that’s backed by the most credible, freshest online sources. We’re on a mission to make that happen”, asserts Sawyer.

By allowing users to provide reference articles to be directly incorporated into the AI-generated content, HIX ArticleGPT can generate factually accurate, reliable blog content. Users only need to input target keywords on chosen topics and countries, and the tool will conduct quick searches to surface a list of the highest-ranking Google results for them to select from. Alternatively, users may choose to input pertinent external sources themselves. Either way, the ability to directly integrate relevant references into AI writing simplifies the process of creating informed, trusted content.

Users can also customize their content around specific products when creating Amazon roundup articles with the tool. They only need to input or handpick specific Amazon product pages, the tool can intelligently scrape and incorporate reliable details like specs, features, and reviews directly from the sources. Armed with these original data, HIX ArticleGPT can generate fact-based, credible Amazon roundups, rather than relying purely on generic info.

“We understand that high ranking and traffic are what our users are aiming for, and so we take tangible steps to support these aims,” acknowledges Sawyer.

With HIX ArticleGPT, users have the ability to input specific keywords, allowing the platform to intelligently craft SEO-friendly blog articles that seamlessly incorporate these keywords. By doing so, it ensures enhanced search visibility, increased website traffic, and improved conversion rates.

As Sawyer notes, access to real-time facts and fresh data is also paramount for publishing genuinely helpful, informative articles. That’s why HIX ArticleGPT integrates the latest information into articles on demand, which sets a high bar for relevancy that some competitive tools may need help to match. Users no longer need to fret about their AI-generated articles being filled with outdated information, especially when it comes to news articles.

HIX ArticleGPT’s promise to deliver fact-based, SEO-friendly, and up-to-date articles is a testament to its cutting-edge nature. Its ability to generate such meticulously researched, credible content in a brief timeframe also sets a revolutionary standard compared to other AI competitors.



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