LOS ANGELES, Calif., Dec. 31, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Publishers Newswire (PNW), an online resource established in 2004, today announced its latest semi-annual “Books to Bookmark” list of new titles “worth a look” that most have probably not heard of. This list contains 19 new books published in 2014 which may have been missed due to not originating from major New York book publishers, or “big name” authors.

“Again this year we found a diverse selection of truly interesting books worth a look; most of which are also available in ebook versions,” said PNW editor Christopher Simmons.

PNW’s Simmons has been a working journalist for over 30 years, and has written widely on the topic of publishing, marketing, and e-books. He is also the author of a self-published book on digital artwork and numerous small press editions of fiction and pop culture publications (now out of print).

The following list of 19 books (in alphabetical order) are provided as “worth a look” for media and booksellers, as well as avid readers of new and unique literary content.

* Avoiding the Dodgeballs…At Work, A Young Woman’s Guide to Succeeding at a First Job

First time author Emerald Betts (writing under the pen name E. Marie) new book “Avoiding the Dodgeballs…At Work, A Young Woman’s Guide to Succeeding at a First Job” (ISBN: 9781484033951; paper; CreateSpace) is an easy to read guide with two main characters. One is a female, a recent college graduate, who is preparing to enter the workforce. The other character is the narrator, who gives the new employee straight to the point advice – with a touch of humor – on how to handle or avoid potential work related issues. There are funny scenarios and illustrations scattered throughout the book. The author holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and a Master of Science Degree in Communications.

* Behind the Lines, WWI’s little-known story of German occupation, Belgian resistance, and the band of Yanks who saved millions from starvation

On Oct, 22, 1914, less than three months after the start of World War I, one of the largest food relief programs the world has ever seen was begun when the Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB) was founded in London by a group of prominent Americans, according to Jeffrey B. Miller, author of a new nonfiction book, “Behind the Lines, WWI’s little-known story of German occupation, Belgian resistance, and the band of Yanks who saved millions from starvation” (ISBN: 978-0990689300; Milbrown Press). The book chronicles the start of the CRB, the first CRB delegates, and Belgium under the harsh German rule. The CRB, working with its counterpart in Belgium, the Comite National (CN), fed more than 9 million Belgians and northern French behind German lines for four years as the “Great War” took the lives of approximately 9 million soldiers.

* Bionic Pioneers: Brave Neurotech Users Blaze the Trail to New Therapies

In “Bionic Pioneers: Brave Neurotech Users Blaze the Trail to New Therapies” (ISBN: 978-0988234222; paper; Neurotech Press), authors Jennifer French and James Cavuoto tell the stories of 10 courageous individuals with neurological disabilities who made the decision to participate in a clinical trial or become a recipient of a newly approved neurotech device to treat their conditions. In each chapter, we learn the often painful details of how a neurological disorder has impacted someone’s life. We also gain insight into how each person came to accept a novel or experimental neurotech therapy and we learn how these marvels of engineering achieve their effect.

* Dancers Never Die

In her memoir “Dancers Never Die” (ISBN 9781491280768; Dance Arts Press), Clarissa Talve, the first American born prima bailarina of the Flamenco vividly recalls a momentous career as a dancer and her battles with polio and TB, as well as giving a loving tribute to the artistry and talent that was the “Golden Age of Flamenco.” Talve takes the reader on the journey of a life story interwoven with career triumphs, personal struggle and discovery, that are laced with a myriad of vignette encounters with other legendary greats of the day such as Billy Holiday, Martha Graham and Ana Sokolow.

* Gratuity Not Included

Authored by Ricardo Estrada, “Gratuity Not Included” (ISBN: 978-0979675539; paper; Tumi Publishing), is a new novel that “will strike a chord with any reader who has ever questioned best-laid plans, been inspired by love, or bound by loyalty.” The novel is a dramatic, yet humorous read that brings levity to the serious topic of mental illness. It demonstrates that destiny is a myth, people build their own prisons, and hold the key to their future. Born in Lima, Peru, Ricardo grew up in St. Petersburg, Fla. His inspiration for “Gratuity Not Included” came from a combination of his restaurant work during college and his experience as a psychotherapist.

* Guide to Green Fabrics, Eco-Friendly Textiles for Fashion and Interior Design

“Guide to Green Fabrics” (ISBN: 9780975298398; paper, 178 pp full color; Two Pedals Publishing), by Editor R. M. Monroe, is the ultimate eco-fiber reference guide. It’s intended for instructors, textiles professionals, design students, fashion and interior designers, product manufacturers, and home sewing aficionados wanting to learn more about the latest developments in green textiles. It provides exclusive information including the impact of green fabrics on our environment and how they contribute to global sustainability, recycling efforts, and our overall health.

* How To Make Your Home Flood Safe

“How To Make Your Home Flood Safe” (ISBN: 978-1494923754; paper; Aqua Explorers Inc.) by author Capt. Dan Berg, a waterfront homeowner for close to 30 years, is the complete homeowners guide to protecting, rebuilding, or lifting your home to prevent future flood damage. House lifting is perhaps the ultimate means of flood mitigation, or preventing future flood damage. This text is packed with hundreds of full-color photographs and illustrations. Included is a complete pictorial record showing the author’s home-elevation project.

* It Is For Us The Living: Pandora And The Secretary General

The book, “It Is For Us The Living: Pandora And The Secretary General” (ISBN: 978-1478730507; paper; Outskirts Press) by John F. Brinster, is a work of fiction which describes how the Secretary General of the New Third Millennium United Nations reorganized membership for successful planetary governance, spreading optimism and eliminating war. This is the fifth book in the popular Cackelry series of literary satire. The book also suggests that ancient scientists might have known about human structure well before our time and that Jesus could have been cloned in the first century in response to the Messianic Prophesy.

* Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles

Former anesthesiologist and critical care specialist Edwin Dasso, a native of St. Paul, Minn., set the Amazon charts alight with his #1 Best-selling series “Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles” which features Colonel Jack Bass MD, whose horrendous battleground experiences in Iraq has left him emotionally scarred with severe PTSD. Dasso’s novels, “Past Aghast” (ISBN: 978-1480073654) and “In The Line of Ire” both stormed to the Amazon #1 spot as the Best-selling medical thriller. Though this is a work of fiction, Edwin hoped it could bring some attention to the affliction of PTSD in veterans, which seems to be an issue largely ignored by most policy makers.

* Mission Critical: A Veteran’s Tour of Duty Inside Public Education

Award-winning educator (2006 Ohio Teacher of the Year) and writer Eric A. Combs’ ambitious and eye-opening book, “Mission Critical: A Veteran’s Tour of Duty Inside Public Education” (ISBN: 978-1940876061; paper; Foxhead Books), uses his own personal experiences to tell of successes and failures in the American public school system. What makes this book so unique is Combs’ ability to share his experience of being a USAF Senior Master Sergeant and explain how it shapes and relates to his work within the realm of education. Combs bluntly states his frustrations with public schooling and what is and isn’t working.

* Remembered Self: A Journey Into the Heart of the Beast

In “The Remembered Self: A Journey Into the Heart of the Beast” (ISBN: 978-1457532849; paper; Dog Ear Publishing) by M.J. Payne, the author depicts the vicious world of sex trafficking of children, the emotional damage and physical experience of forced intimacy in a violent setting from the victim’s point of view. Written in novel form with animal comforters it shows a child’s response, repression of experiences and eventual therapeutic intervention as an adult when the floodgates of suppressed memory overflow.

* Science Proving Creationism

The book “Science Proving Creationism” (ISBN: 9780961809850; paper; Land Publishing Corporation) by Professor Solomon Huriash, is the only book of its kind on the market that literally proves each and every verse of the Biblical story of creation is in sync with the teachings of modern science. A project like this has never been done before. For example, How was it humanly possible for Moses, 3500 years ago, to have known of every basic detail of the creation story, and in their exact chronological order, when modern science is only now within the last 75 years beginning to figure it out? That question is answered as we complete reading chapter 1 and realize we now have a rationale for belief that requires no blind faith.

* SuperFly – My Untold Story of Hip-Hop

Gloria Goldwater pulls back the curtain on how the popular hip-hop magazine, “SuperFly,” that launched in the early 90s, came to be and why it ultimately folded. In “SuperFly – My Untold Story of Hip-Hop” (ISBN: 978-0991356010; paper; Superfly Publishing) Goldwater details her rise to publishing success, and also reveals the heartbreaking situation that led to the magazine’s shutdown, right in the midst of its popularity. Readers will revel in never-before-published photos taken at exclusive events with celebrities such as Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, Ice T, MC Hammer, Dr. Dre, and many others.

* The Cat That Went To Homecoming

In “The Cat That Went To Homecoming” (ISBN: 9781612358215; paper; Fire and Ice Young Adult Books), author Julie Otzelberger shows the bully what it’s like to be on the other side, while showing the victim how to overcome obstacles through volunteer work. The debut novel is the coming of age story of Ellen Jones, an overweight teenage girl from a single family home. She is under constant attack by her peers, bullied because of her weight and her family’s poverty. Through volunteer work with her cat, Hershey, Ellen finds her self-esteem and the courage to stand up to her bullies. Along the way, she discovers what true friendship and forgiveness are.

* The Landing At Aipotu: A Fantasy Account of Flight MH370

“The Landing At Aipotu: A Fantasy Account of Flight MH370” (ISBN: 978-1478738060; paper; Outskirts Press) by John F. Brinster, is based on speculation following its mysterious disappearance with no sign of debris found anywhere. The new story is contained in the popular (Professor) Cackekry series, a collection of unusual books of subtle literary satire on behavioral function of the mammalian human mind, especially with respect to incessant warfare, increased terrorism, and unending religious conflict. Aipotu, Utopia in reverse, is a natural plateau and airstrip located in the heart of the Himalayas described in prior books.

* We Are Buyers. You Are Sellers. You’re Busted

Veteran corporate consultant Dick Lee started out writing “We Are Buyers. You Are Sellers. You’re Busted” (ISBN: 978-1-4834-1692-2; HVMPress) to track historically corporate abuse of customers and describe the resulting deterioration of buyer-seller relations. But when the narrative reaches the 2010s, Lee makes two surprise findings. First, long-standing buyer-seller conflict is melding with more recently heightened employee anger at employers and public disgust with business buying votes with campaign cash. The combination is creating dangerously high levels of public anger directed at corporate America. Second, and directly related, America is on course for an internal eruption targeting big business of a magnitude not seen since the Vietnam War and civil rights protests of the 1960s and early 70s.

* Who is Killing the Republican Party? An Old Professor’s Jolly Rant (Volume 1)

George L. Fouke’s “Who is Killing the Republican Party? An Old Professor’s Jolly Rant” (ISBN: 978-1502512499; paperback; CreateSpace) is a satirical account of the GOP. Politically-independent author Fouke takes the Republican Party to the woodshed with tough love hoping for its revival as part of a viable two-party system. In this book, Fouke compares Lincoln’s Republican Party to today’s Tea Party through a satirical approach that is entertaining and humorous, but calls for reform.

* Whose Shoes Are You Wearing? 12 Steps to Uncovering the Woman You Really Want To Be

“Whose Shoes Are You Wearing? 12 Steps to Uncovering the Woman You Really Want To Be” (ISBN: 9780996097802; paper; Kkula Media) written by East African sisters, Christine K. St. Vil and Julian B. Kiganda, pulls no punches, offering readers a unique and practical guide to self-discovery and authentic living. The book addresses issues faced by women of color on a daily basis, including how to integrate culture and heritage with the woman they aspire to be. Through stories of personal tragedy, heartbreak and ultimate triumph mixed with plenty of humor, St. Vil and Kiganda allow us to personally connect with their challenges.

* Your Life IQ

Life coach Natalia Alexandria’s latest book “Your Life IQ” (ISBN: 9780578138107; paper; self-published) helps readers develop their innate ability to solve life challenges and provides all the tools necessary to ignite a thriving mind-body-spirit. This no-nonsense guide outlines concepts, provides examples, and targets solutions that work. The method is holistic, and it will leave readers feeling energized, confident, and prepared for powerful decision-making.

All books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all other major online and offline book sellers.

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