RIVERSIDE, Ill., July 15, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — NationDigital.io is now a Social Enterprise venture of the EveryLibrary Institute, NFP, a non-partisan library-focused 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the future of libraries and literacy across the globe. This acquisition will allow us to expand what we’re able to offer you!

The EveryLibrary Institute

EveryLibrary and the EveryLibrary Institute have used NationBuilder themes by NationDigital.io for over 6 years for digital projects such as Libraries2020.org, action.everylibrary.org, librariesdeliver.uk, and more. These themes built on the NationBuilder platform have allowed EveryLibrary and the EveryLibrary Institute to raise money, identify library supporters, and build support for libraries across the United States and beyond. You can read more about how EveryLibrary uses NationDigital.io themes powered by NationBuilder to build support and secure funding for libraries at nationbuilder.com/everylibrary_2020

While the EveryLibrary Institute’s focus is on libraries, NationDigital.io’s client base extends far beyond libraries and includes local, state and national elections, movements, causes, non-profits, and various agencies.

NationDigital.io Themes built on the NationBuilder platform are designed to help power a wide range of movements in the United States and beyond. NationBuilder is a Community Relationship Management software platform that helps leaders expand human relationships while building a community that can achieve goals faster than a single individual. NationBuilder allows organizations and causes to lead people to take action and maintain a history of interaction with supporters. This includes emailing, donation processing, and social media integration. With NationBuilder organizations can track their supporters, send emails and text blasts, schedule social media posts, promote events, map supporters, receive donations and much more! All with a single sign-on. By focusing on building relationships with supporters this platform is perfect for anyone seeking to enact change in their community through a truly people powered movement.

As a NationBuilder Alliance Partner, NationDigital.io is proud to consistently be the highest-rated NationBuilder partner-vendor as determined by client reviews. With two available customizable themes, organizations can quickly and easily create powerful people focused websites. The Mega Theme’s use of content blocks allows anyone to create a fully customized website using the unique Website Builder tool. The Impact Theme has been a cornerstone of the NationBuilder Marketplace since its launch two years ago and was the first theme in the marketplace. There are also customized tools and installs that are designed to bridge the gap between out-of-the-box and specific campaign needs.

NationDigital.io is proud to hold four key Certifications from NationBuilder: Agency, Architect, Developer, and Expert. These Certifications ensure that NationDigital.io’s will be done with minimal downtime and to NationBuilder’s mission-critical specifications.

This acquisition will allow EveryLibrary Institute to use a portion of the net proceeds from NationDigital.io’s work to help secure a public policy framework where libraries in schools, communities, and on campuses have the resources they need to serve everyone. Learn more about ELI’s Gold Rated charitable work on GuideStarhttps://www.guidestar.org/profile/81-4351204.


About The EveryLibrary Institute:

The EveryLibrary Institute NFP operates exclusively for educational and charitable purposes, including primarily research, writing, publishing and related activities concerning public, academic, and school libraries in the United States for the purpose of public education, strengthening the civic life of communities, bridging social and societal gaps, and for the future of the profession of librarianship. It is chartered in the state of Illinois as a non-profit corporation and received its 501(c)(3) nonprofit designation as a charitable organization in June 2018. https://www.everylibraryinstitute.org/

The EveryLibrary Institute is a companion organization to EveryLibrary, the first national political action committee for libraries. The EveryLibrary Institute’s mission of research, training librarians, and programmatic support for libraries is closely aligned with EveryLibrary’s 501(c)4 mission of building voter support for libraries.

About NationDigital.io

At NationDigital we design websites and create digital strategies for some of the largest political campaigns, issue organizations, non-profits, and agencies in the US and abroad. NationDigital combines modern, engaging designs along with professional, responsive service to ensure that your site performs smoothly and your message reaches your target audience. Our clients understand that NationDigital’s confidential, award-winning services are truly best-in-class.

About NationBuilder

NationBuilder is software designed to power your nonprofits, movements, and campaigns. Leaders of all stripes use NationBuilder to engage their communities and move people to action by building relationships at scale.

News Source: EveryLibrary Institute