SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Feb. 19, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Treadstone 71 announced today its partnership with SYNCSTATE, Inc. The partnership utilizes the cyber intelligence methods, and structured analytic techniques of Treadstone 71 in supporting the newly announced SYNCSTATE Cyber Threat Targeting Center. The partnership combines the collection, organization and analysis expertise of Treadstone 71 with the operational execution and in depth technical prowess of SYNCSTATE delivering one of the most potent offensive cyber programs on the market. In fact, the Treadstone 71 – SYNCSTATE partnership may be the only offensive cyber program openly communicated.

“Our partnership includes the processing of technical and intelligence information derived from adversaries by other than an intended recipient,” stated Joe Provost, CEO of SYNCSTATE. “The T71-SYNCSTATE solution set expands upon traditional cyber intelligence, while pursuing the offensive exploitation and defeat of adversarial activities directed against the interests of our customers.”

Threats to intellectual property pose one of the most serious economic and security challenges of the 21st century. On the flip side, antagonist activity offers unprecedented opportunities to shape and control cyber operations to achieve strategic objectives. Adversaries have taken advantage of computer networks and the power of information technology to not only plan and execute savage acts of terrorism, but also to influence directly the perceptions and will of our governments and population.

“We realize there will be the vocal minority naysayers who disagree with our approach,” said Jeff Bardin, Chief Intel Officer for Treadstone 71. “We also know that the silent majority will continue to contact us for services we offer.”

The T71-SYNCSTATE solutions protect the integrity of our customer’s information through the use of incisive, actionable intelligence that exploits and neutralizes adversary weaknesses.

“We offer a layer of liability, absolute discretion and institutionalized OPSEC with our customers,” continues Provost. “Our value proposition creates advantages that influences events leading to desired outcomes. Outcomes reached through well practiced, precise, cyber operations orders.”

“Customers looking for mature Cyber Intelligence, Counter Intelligence and Cyber Operations capabilities that actively protect their interests need look no further,” stated Bardin. “We examine the situation, strategically plan, and tactically deliver with precision, while continuously enhancing methods of both active defense and offense.”

Treadstone 71 and SYNCSTATE will be at the RSA Conference next week and are taking appointments for private customer discussions.

About Treadstone 71:

Treadstone 71 ( ), founded in 2002, a woman- and veteran-owned company delivers cyber intelligence, counterintelligence, infiltration, clandestine cyber HUMINT, OSINT training and analysis, socio-cultural SME and information warfare operations. For more information call (888) 714-0071 or email

About SYNCSTATE, Inc.:

SYNCSTATE, Inc. ( ) is a veteran owned, Cyber Operations company based in Massachusetts. Founded in 2012, SYNCSTATE has designed, produced, and distributed open source intelligence reports and offensive network services for both commercial and government networks. For more information call (617) 431-3985 or email

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