TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., Jan. 8, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – ViewTech Borescopes concluded 2020 with a 4th quarter, year-over-year, gain in sales. Two organizations that finalized their calendar year by adding a ViewTech VJ-3 video borescope to their maintenance and inspection protocols were a direct steam injection company and an oriented strand board manufacturer.

ViewTech Borescopes

When the global headquarters for a direct steam injection (DSI) manufacturer sought a way to visually inspect extremely small internal passages throughout their hydro heating, steam heating, and industrialized products technology, an inquiry was placed with ViewTech Borescopes. After a brief conversation with an inspection borescope expert, it was determined the VJ-3 2.8mm x 1.0-meter video borescope would be best suited to access the DSI inspection areas described.

An advantage when considering ViewTech Borescopes remote visual inspection (RVI) video borescope technology is their free trial opportunity. During a no-cost, demo period, their DSI Quality Assurance Manager was able to inspect more than a dozen parts during a small portion of a workday. As a result, the management team, along with President and CEO, approved a year-end capital expenditure, making the VJ-3 video borescope their inspection tool.

Another demo offer that resulted in a VJ-3 video borescope being added to an inspection toolbox was with the world’s largest producer of oriented strand board (OSB). While searching inspection scopes to use in conjunction with a vibration monitoring system, an inquiry was placed with ViewTech Borescopes and a VJ-3 6.0mm x 1.5-meter Dual Camera was shipped to trial. While inspecting boiler tubes, conveyors, gear boxes, and equipment throughout one of their Southeast OSB production plant and mills, they decided to purchase the inspection demo unit they were currently utilizing onsite.

ViewTech Borescopes
VJ-3 Video Borescope

The VJ-3 mechanical articulating video borescope is a NDT instrument used for the RVI of machinery, equipment, and components. The VJ-3 facilitates the visual recording and photo documentation of inspection and components in areas that are otherwise inaccessible or require great effort and expense to access directly. The VJ-3 video borescope consists of two modules integrated into one system: an insertion tube with distally mounted camera/LEDs, and the base unit with a control panel, LCD monitor, power source, and all necessary circuitry.

About ViewTech Borescopes

ViewTech Borescopes, founded as RF System Lab in 2008, is North America’s #1 seller of video borescopes. Their first product, the VJ borescope, set a new standard for portability, ergonomics, and ease-of-use, with its industry-first mechanical, joystick-controlled articulation.

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