SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Jan. 7 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — International Document Services (IDS), a mortgage document preparation vendor, and Del Mar DataTrac®, Inc. (DMD), the leading provider of affordable mortgage lending automation solutions, and an industry pioneer in business intelligence, paperless lending, and loan process workflow tools, have rebuilt their partner interface to improve mortgage lenders’ experience with the idsDoc platform and the DataTrac loan origination system of record.

The new interface simplifies the user experience with an integration embedded directly within the DataTrac platform. IDS provides “black-box” technology that returns compliance feedback and compliant document sets based on DataTrac data. The user never leaves the DataTrac platform or re-keys data. Compliance and documentation services offered by IDS are exposed in a seamless fashion to DataTrac users.

“IDS and DMD have enjoyed a decade-long interface and relationship, which has grown and evolved dynamically in large part because our shared client base has flourished and experienced increasing loan volumes,” said IDS President Curt Doman. “The upgrades and enhancements to the new idsDoc DataTrac VSP interface were done with those shared clients in mind.”

According to Doman, IDS and DMD also share a common interest in and approach to client relationships.

“Like DMD, IDS is always on the lookout for ways to improve its functionality and value proposition for all our clients,” Doman said. “This was the driving force in recreating our DataTrac interface, and what motivated us to build it.”

“The robust integration between DataTrac and IDS affirms DMD’s focus on developing a lending platform that empowers lenders to transform their business,” said DMD president Rob Katz. “In light of the 2010 RESPA changes related to borrower disclosures and the increased pressure on loan originators at the point of sale (POS), a seamless, simplified interface between a lender’s system of record and its docs provider has become mission critical.”

“We are pleased to work with an integration partner like IDS that shares our commitment to helping lenders make meaningful improvements to their operations through seamless process automation,” Katz added.

About Del Mar DataTrac:
Founded in 1991, Del Mar DataTrac (DMD) is the leading provider of affordable loan automation solutions for mortgage lenders, banks, and credit unions. DMD offers a scalable workflow platform that enables lending best practices by leveraging DataTrac as the back-office hub along with a sophisticated point-of-sale system, a web-based originator portal and commission engine, and a management dashboard – all in a paperless environment.

The DataTrac Suite is designed by mortgage lenders for mortgage lenders who strive to deliver extraordinary customer service, increase production and profitability, reduce risk, and streamline overall efficiency. For more information, visit .

About IDS Inc.:
IDS is a nationwide provider of mortgage documents and compliance. IDS services include closing documents, reverse documents, initial disclosures and fulfillment. IDS’s solution, idsDoc, is recognized in the industry for its ability to be customized to meet specific lender needs. IDS backs the system with unsurpassed customer service, cutting-edge technology, compliance and document guarantees and a solid compliance team. Lenders looking to move forward when it comes to doc prep can visit the IDS website at or call 800.554.1872.

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