ROCKFORD, Mich., Aug. 22, 2017 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — DIB Funding, Inc.’s DIBCOIN was highlighted on “New To The Street” on the Fox Business Network. CEO Adam Petty’s interview aired on Sunday August 20th in which he shared the exciting vision, and business plan for DIB Funding and for its crypto-currency DIBCOIN. The show “New To The Street” has a six year history and DIB Funding, Inc., the developer of DIBCOIN, is the only crypto currency company that has ever been interviewed by them. This makes DIBCOIN the first and only crypto currency to be discussed on the show.

Adam Petty of DIB Funding, Inc.
“We are very encouraged by the responses that we have received from the show; and in the coming months, we will continue to use ‘New To The Street’ and the Fox Business Network to introduce Investors, Affiliates and Customers to and DIBCOIN,” stated Adam Petty, President and CEO of DIB Funding, Inc.

On August 8, ION TV Network aired the first DIBCOIN interview with “New To The Street” featuring Dr. Cheihk Mboup, DIB Funding, Inc.’s Advisory Board Member along with Adam Petty. Dr. Mboup addressed the onboarding of DIBCOIN into the retail market, while Adam Petty discussed the advantages of crypto currency in general and specifically DIBCOIN.

New To The Street
DIB Funding’s business plan entails building a vast DIBCOIN community. DIB Funding plans to accomplish this in several different avenues. The first is through DIB Nation its Affiliate Network. Our affiliates will introduce a multitude of average people to the crypto currency industry, specifically looking to buy and use DIBCOIN. Second by continuing to introduce DIBCOIN to the investing community on FOX Business Network, we will increase the number of investors who are interested in DIBCOIN.

As the community grows, DIB Funding will embed DIBCOIN into the retail market place.

The interview can be viewed on our DIB Nation YouTube Channel. We encourage you to “like” the official DIBCOIN Facebook page and follow the official DIBCOIN Twitter page. You can also keep up with DIBCOIN on our official ANN thread.

About DIBCOIN 2.0:
DIBCOIN 2.0 is an upgraded crypto currency coin being developed by on behalf of DIB Funding, Inc. DIBCOIN 2.0, an Etherium based coin, with lower transactional cost and expanded functionality will drastically increase DIB Funding, Inc.’s ability to have it embedded into the retail space. When completed, DIBCOIN 2.0 will replace the current DIBCOIN at a conversion rate of 2:1. See our August 15 press release for more details.

About DIB Funding, Inc.:
DIB Funding, Inc. recognizes the monetary freedoms that are inherent in crypto-currency. We are dedicated to bringing that freedom to the average person’s everyday life. In that light, DIB Funding, Inc. launched its Affiliate Marketing Program through DIB Nation, the digital economy built around DIBCOIN. DIB Funding is the developer and owner of the crypto-currency, DIBCOIN (and soon DIBCOIN 2.0). Learn more:

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