NEW YORK, NY /Send2Press Newswire/ — ASI Publishing (, a small press based in New York which specializes in the publication of science fiction, today announced the publication of “INFUSION,” a new book by well-known technical author Clint Smith, P.E.

Set in a time and a place not unlike our own, “Infusion” is a thought-provoking and fast-paced novel, with contemporary conservationist themes, about the exploitation of the Earth’s resources by an alien race, and the moral and ethical conflicts that arise due to the limited resources of the universe.

The Kimophians and the Zerons, two alien races living on sister planets which orbit a common sun, depend upon the very same resource for their survival, a substance called dattan. When their reserves of this precious resource began to run dry, they fix their sites on the one planet that can still provide raw, cheap dattan in abundance to their perishing worlds – Earth. Consortium laws, however, forbid the extraction of dattan from Earth, and it is up to Kiren Hillel, an agent with KIEF, an environmental police force, to reconcile her duty to uphold the law and her desire to save the planet she has come to love.

“I really enjoyed writing the story which was a major change from my technical books,” says author Clint Smith. “I wrote the story for my son and hope that readers will have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.”

“I love puzzles – and the interweaving of the various story lines and watching them come together made it extremely difficult to put the book down!! And the female characters were intelligent, gifted, yet wholly feminine,” said Sue, a reader from Kansas City, Kansas. “It held me spellbound,” said Renie, another reader from Hewitt, New Jersey.

“Infusion,” by Clint Smith (ISBN: 0975927108 $6.50) is available on ASI Publishing’s website at or can be purchased through Review copies and interviews with the author are available on request.

Clint Smith, P.E., is an internationally known technical author whose books and industry trade articles are used extensively in the telecommunication industry. He has published over 7 technical books with McGraw-Hill.

Clint holds a Masters in Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology. He is also a registered professional engineer and an adjunct professor.

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