Now organizations and developers worldwide can rapidly develop applications that leverage Lumen Software’s mature AJAX environment / framework; Lumenation v6.0

KANSAS CITY, MO – April 5 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Lumen Software, a leader in AJAX / LAMP+ middleware, announced today it will release Lumenation v6.0 and its SDK LightBulb free to users. The user role based middleware environment / framework, coupled with Lumen’s mature AJAX z-Windows engine, provides developers with the ability to rapidly create scalable, high end browser based applications.

“The free release of Lumenation v6.0 provides developers from any background, such as ASP, FoxPro, Access, Java, and Dbase to quickly and easily develop robust enterprise ready AJAX / LAMP+ applications,” commented Don Keeler, CTO of Lumen Software. “Lumenation meets the needs of any size organization due to its scalability and rapid deployment capabilities. It provides a route to safely and quickly leverage the TCO of Linux and the industry chosen best of Open Source solutions in the LAMP model. Our new Automated LAMP+ installer enables anyone without Linux experience to immediately install and utilize Lumenation without knowing anything now, or ever, about Linux.”

Lumenation provides a cohesive user role based environment and framework developers need to rapidly build highly scalable, robust commercial grade applications. The middleware includes the Lumenation Interactive Desktop System (LIDS) and Lumen Interactive Components (IC’s), which utilize Lumen’s AJAX z-Windows engine, delivering fat client functionality in a browser. The platform offers secure roles based access to applications and disparate databases utilizing an array of administrative tools which greatly simplify and automate all aspects of user, application, journaling and other management processes required by any application or solution.

“There is a vast segment of the market where the high cost of development and ongoing maintenance of commercially supported development environments just don’t make economic sense,” stated Tad Gordon, CEO of Lumen Software. “There needed to be an easy to use, easy to deploy option empowering developers with the tools to create robust, browser based applications which compete on every level with applications created in environments like WebSphere, JBoss or, but at a fraction of the cost.”

A few of the features developers and organizations alike will benefit from include the interactive “presentation” of legacy data, managed simultaneous database access (Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Microsoft), local / remote secure file management, a complete system data dictionary, localization and more. In Lumenation’s next release, users will have the ability to access and manage the base computer’s applications and files.

“There are literally millions of developers and organizations that can immediately benefit from the technology we are providing free to users,” commented Ted Lymer, CMO of Lumen Software. “Everyone associated with Linux knows that Microsoft is building applications for specific industries and Linux has to find a way to combat this with a cohesive environment that will quickly mechanize Linux at the application level and propel it past file and print services into the main stream. Lumenation already has an extensive assortment of load and go applications ready for immediate utilization.”

Lumen Software provides a Lumenation / LAMP+ stack installation process directly from the company’s website for Novell SuSE, RedHat and other distributions, benefiting both new users and experienced Linux veterans. With JAVA in place for the larger organizations and Lumenation positioned to fill in the rest of the market, Linux now has the power to put choices back into the hands of users worldwide.

About Lumen Software

Lumen Software is a world leader in browser based technologies and author of Lumenation, a LAMP+ based enterprise environment / framework which utilizes Lumen Software’s z-Windows AJAX desktop and graphical engine. The Company provides a cohesive role based environment / framework organizations need to collaborate, deliver web based applications, manage content and rapidly build commercial grade applications.

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