DETROIT, Mich., July 22 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Mentoring Success Group LLC announces a series of events that will help small business owners build their competitive edge in today’s difficult economy. The ‘We Mentor Success’ small business forums offer seminar-style instruction, in-depth networking opportunities, and hands-on workshops and mentoring with experts in small business disciplines including leadership, marketing, and strategic planning. ‘We Mentor Success’ small business forums will be held this fall in Las Vegas, Detroit and Austin.

Mentoring Success Group‘We Mentor Success’ events are the brainchild of Tom Tubergen, a Detroit-area native who has watched a lot of businesses in his area struggle or fail in recent years. Tubergen’s firm, Mentoring Success Group LLC, offers a Business Performance Analysis Engine that helps small and medium-sized businesses benchmark themselves against their competition, find areas of competitive strength, and identify areas for improvement.

“As I see it, running a small business is the ultimate competitive sport. But unlike athletes, small business owners are often their own coaches. Top athletes work with coaches, trainers, nutritionists, physical therapists. They have doctors who diagnose their muscle strains and chiropractors who keep their backs aligned,” remarks Tom Tubergen, president of Mentoring Success Group LLC. “When you go it alone, it’s hard to step back and get an objective view of how you’re competing. How do you compare to your competition? What are others out there doing that your customers think you should?”

‘We Mentor Success’ small business forums are designed to provide small business owners with new ideas, as well as small group interaction and strategic input from expert advisors. The events will be structured to offer business owners networking opportunities to make new and profitable connections important to their individual businesses. Attendees will choose between workshops that include:

Pamela Crosset, MPH – Achieving Your Competitive Edge

Kimberly Friddle – Get Real: Cost-Conscious Marketing for Small Business

Dr. Jed C. Jones, Ph.D. – Optimizing Your Website for More Traffic and Better Conversions

Chris Mentch – Using Technology as a Competitive Weapon

Ken Pasch – Leadership is More than Just Showing Up

Don Reimer – Strategy: How to Get from Here to Wherever You’re Going

Kevin Stirtz – Never Lose Another Customer

Marv Weidner – Strategic Business Planning: Staying on Purpose in Everything You Do

All attendees at the seminars will receive a one-month free subscription to the Mentoring Success Group LLC Business Performance Analysis Engine (BPAE), which will help them assess their competitive strengths and weaknesses relative to others in their industries.

Business owners can register for the events at

About Mentoring Success Group LLC
Mentoring Success Group LLC is an innovator in the application of artificial intelligence technology to business. Dedicated to the success of small businesses, their partners, and their stakeholders, Mentoring Success Group offers the Business Performance Analysis Engine (BPAE) for small business competitive analysis, as well as an internet radio show titled ‘Your Competitive Advantage’ and a small business success seminar series called ‘We Mentor Success.’

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