Allows use of MicroTCA systems for wireless applications

BOSTON, Mass. – June 26 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — To support next generation AMC and MicroTCA-based wireless base stations, CorEdge Networks is releasing its CEN-CLK-G clock module for general availability. Wireless data communications protocols, such as WiMAX, require synchronization with Global Positioning System (GPS) clock sources. The CEN-CLK-G is an optional daughter card that mounts to the leading MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) products from CorEdge Networks to support GPS clock based applications.

The CEN-CLK-G recovers a 1PPS signal from an external GPS clock source from the MCH front panel or MicroTCA backplane and drives/distributes this clock or a locally generated 30.72MHz clock to up to 12 AMCs. It provides extremely precise and reliable GPS clock synchronization using a temperature compensated voltage controlled crystal oscillator (TCVCXO) with a 30.72MHz center frequency and a stability of less than 5 parts per million (PPM). The module output can be a 1 PPS clock that is derived from the GPS satellite network and/or a phase controlled and aligned 30.72MHz clock from the 1 PPS input. In addition to the WiMAX clocks, the CEN-CLK-G card also has the ability to generate a spread-spectrum 100MHz PCI-Express fabric reference clock. The distribution of these clocks can be enabled or disabled through software control.

The modular and dense packaging design of the CorEdge MCH supports the CEN-CLK-G with the “base” MCH and an additional MCH fabric module for fat-pipe switching.

“Integrating the GPS functionality as a daughter card on the MCH enables our customers to produce the most compact and cost-efficient MicroTCA WiMAX base stations,” said Will Chu, president of CorEdge Networks. “The GPS daughter clock module, in addition to our existing PCI-Express and Telco modules, provides users with a largest array of clock modules in the industry. A number of our early customers will beta test their WiMAX based MicroTCA base station using our GPS-enabled MCH.”

The CEN-CLK-G clock will be sold as an option with the CorEdge Networks MCH (CEN-MCH) and different switch fabric modules. It is not being sold as a stand-alone product.

Pricing for MCHs using the GPS clock have not yet been announced.

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